Typical G.C. analysis

ocimum basilicum flower oil
250.01(E)- anethole
20.10  camphene
310.01  cedrol
73.301,8- cineole
170.01beta- copaene
220.77alpha- cubebene
270.02  dibutyl octane dioate
180.73beta- elemene
320.06beta- eudesmol
23trace  germacrene B
240.05beta- gurjunene
9trace  hexanol
100.033- hexen-1-ol
280.11beta- himachalene
50.01  limonene
161.48  linalool
1985.52  methyl chavicol
260.56  methyl eugenol
120.086- methyl-3-heptanone
40.05  myrcene
82.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
110.023- octanol
300.79beta- patchoulene
60.03alpha- phellandrene
10.04alpha- pinene
30.12  sabinene
130.01  sabinene hydrate
202.51beta- selinene
210.72alpha- terpineol
140.08  terpinolene
290.02  viridiflorol

S.-J. Tsai and L.-Y. Sheen, Essential oil of Ocimum basllicum L cultivated in Taiwan. In: Trends in Food Science. Edits., L W. Sze and F. C. Woo, pp 66-70, Proceedings of the 7th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology, Singapore (1987).

P&F 17, No. 4, 39, (1992)

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