Typical G.C. analysis

cananga odorata leaf oil
210.4alpha- amorphene
250.6  bicyclogermacrene
273.0delta- cadinene
260.8gamma- cadinene
300.8alpha- cadinol
290.9T- cadinol
2026.3beta- caryophyllene
280.6  caryophyllene oxide
9trace1,8- cineole
172.9alpha- copaene
180.7beta- cubebene
191.4beta- elemene
151.1delta- elemene
2311.7  germacrene D
410.2  hexanol
12.0(E)-2- hexenal
30.2(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
23.1(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
226.3alpha- humulene
80.4  limonene
121.9  linalool
241.1alpha- muurolene
70.6  myrcene
10trace(E)-beta- ocimene
514.0alpha- pinene
64.5beta- pinene
13trace  terpinen-4-ol
140.3alpha- terpineol
11trace  terpinolene
160.3alpha- ylangene

F. Fekam Boyom, P. H. Amvam Zollo, C. Menut, G. Lamaty and J. M. Bessière, Aromatic plants of tropical Central Africa. Part XXVII. Comparative study of the volatile constituents of five Annonaceae species growing in Cameroon. Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 333-338 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 4, 31, (1999)

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