Typical G.C. analysis

lavandula angustifolia oil CO2 extract
331.02  aromadendrene
310.19  bergamotene
362.09alpha- bisabolol
192.30  borneol
40.22  camphene
187.90  camphor
301.86beta- caryophyllene
115.831,8- cineole
100.14ortho- cymene
273.083,7- dimethyl-2,6-octadienyl acetate
322.23(Z)-beta- farnesene
25trace  geraniol
290.71  geranyl acetate
90.15  hexyl acetate
230.35  hexyl butyrate
200.31  lavandulol
1725.29  linalool
160.91(E)- linalool oxide
150.83(Z)- linalool oxide
2634.69  linalyl acetate
10.722- methyl cyclopentanol
340.84gamma- muurolene
350.54alpha- muurolol
81.19  myrcene
24trace  nerol
280.33  neryl acetate
130.72(E)-beta- ocimene
120.58(Z)-beta- ocimene
6trace1- octen-3-ol
30.27alpha- pinene
70.21beta- pinene
5trace  sabinene
213.79  terpinen-4-ol
220.46alpha- terpineol
2tracealpha- thujene

E. Reverchon, G. Della Ports and F. Senatore, Supercritical CO2 extraction and fractionation of lavender essential oil and waxes. J, Agric. Food Chem., 43, 1654-1658 (1995).

P&F 21, No. 3, 55, (1996)

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