Typical G.C. analysis

wormwood oil america
In 1993, Tucker et al. analyzed a commercial sample of wormwood oil by GC and GC/MS. The oil was found to possess the following composition:
201.44beta- caryophyllene
300.11  chamazulene
100.621,8- cineole
120.28para- cymene
170.85(Z)- epoxyocimene
30.18alpha- fenchene
290.14  geraniol
282.08  geranyl propionate
241.72  germacrene D
140.39(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
220.71  lavandulol
191.81  lavandulyl acetate
90.21  limonene
181.74  linalool
10.24(Z)-2- methyl-3-methylene-hept-5-ene
61.32  myrcene
270.37  nerol
261.44  neryl isobutyrate
70.35alpha- phellandrene
20.69alpha- pinene
40.19beta- pinene
52.91  sabinene
232.70(Z)- sabinol
2132.75(Z)- sabinyl acetate
80.16alpha- terpinene
110.41gamma- terpinene
130.05  terpinolene
153.42alpha- thujone
1633.11beta- thujone

O. Tucker, M. J. Maciarello and G. Sturtz, The essential oils of Artemisia "Powis Castle" and its putative parents A. absinthum and A. arborescens. J. Essent. Oil Res., 5, 239-242 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

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