Flavor Demo Formulas (flavor grade components)

amaretto flavor
For Flavor Use
105.00lavandin oil
100.00clary sage oil
100.00rosemary oil
90.00white thyme oil
40.00fennel seed oil sweet
20.00peppermint oil
5.90cis-3-hepten-1-yl acetate
5.00angelica seed oil
5.00anise seed oil
4.00lemon oil
2.00wormwood oil
0.10cinnamon bark oil
523.00ethyl alcohol
Cinnamon flavor
Patent 4,492,645 Organoleptic use of cyclohexenyl-alpha-alkyl acrolein derivatives
For Flavor Use
27.50ethyl vanillin
66.00bitter almond oil
420.00cinnamon bark oil
66.00clove bud oil
33.00cardamom seed oil
66.00nutmeg oil
195.50lemon oil c.p. california
liqueur formulation
Patent 4,418,087 Mixture of 4,4A,5,6-tetrahydro-7-methyl-2-(3H)-naphthalenone and benzodioxanones and use thereof in augmenting or enhancing the aroma ortaste of consumable materials
For Flavor Use
780.00clove bud oil
400.00lemon oil
300.00orange oil
250.00cinnamon bark oil
180.00mace oil
150.00vanilla flavor base
10.00neroli oil
1.00rose absolute bulgaria
927.00ethyl alcohol
Liquor monastery type
For Flavor Use
5.00neroli oil
20.00clove bud oil
25.00cardamom seed oil
25.00nutmeg oil
25.00cinnamon bark oil
35.00lemon oil
65.00orange oil
75.00angelica seed oil
75.00peppermint oil
200.00bitter orange peel oil rectified (furo coumarin reduced)
445.00angelica root oil
5.00trans- or cis-2,6,6-trimethyl-1-crotonoyl-1-cyclohexene
rum type
For Flavor Use
5.00isobutyric acid
10.00sumatra benzoin resinoid 50%
20.00ethyl butyrate
5.00cinnamon bark oil China 10%
10.00ethyl caproate 10%
10.00clove bud oil 10%
15.00ethyl lactate 10%
905.00rum ether
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