Typical G.C. analysis

sage oil giza egypt
Comparative percentage composition of Salvia offlcinalis oil produced from plants grown in two areas of Egypt, Giza oil
 0.10  tricyclene
 0.17alpha- thujene
 3.81alpha- pinene
 3.70beta- pinene
 3.82  camphene
 3.85  sabinene
 3.38  myrcene
 0.85ortho- cymene
 0.76para- cymene
 9.381,8- cineole
 0.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
 1.10gamma- terpinene
 1.02  linalool
 0.68  terpinolene
 17.72alpha- thujone
 2.03beta- thujone
 0.05(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
 13.29  camphor
 0.10(Z)-beta- terpineol
 0.68iso menthone
 0.43iso pinocamphone
 2.37  borneol
 1.10alpha- terpineol
 1.44  carvone
 0.08  bornyl acetate
 2.20iso bornyl acetate
 0.68  sabinene hydrate acetate
 0.68  thymol
 1.70beta- caryophyllene
 1.10 aromadendr-9-ene
 3.05alpha- humulene
 0.10allo aromadendr-9-ene
 1.44  germacrene B
 0.04gamma- cadinene
 0.60delta- cadinene
 0.85  spathulenol
 0.60  caryophyllene oxide
 3.30  globulol
 0.85 bergamotol acetate
F. M. Soliman, M. A. El-Sohly, M. M. Fathy and F. S. El-Salhawy, A comparitive study of the essential oils from Mentha and Salvia species grown in Egypt. Egypt. J. Pharm. Sci., 38, 553-564 (1997).
sage oil sinai egypt
 1.79alpha- pinene
 2.50beta- pinene
 3.60  camphene
 1.09  myrcene
 1.48para- cymene
 8.861,8- cineole
 0.31gamma- terpinene
 1.69  terpinolene
 18.87alpha- thujone
 7.45beta- thujone
 33.35  camphor
 3.65  borneol
 1.08  terpinen-4-ol
 0.46alpha- terpineol
 0.25  methyl chavocol
 0.41  carvone
 1.07  piperitone
 2.61  bornyl acetate
 0.43beta- caryophyllene
 0.46(E)- ethyl cinnamate
 3.04alpha- humulene
 0.07allo aromadendr-9-ene
 3.22  globulol
 0.38 bergamotol acetate
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