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Flavor Descriptors for plum
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Primary (First) - plum
FR guaiyl butyrate
 odor: rose plum animal balsamic woody
 flavor: plum
FL methyl formate
 odor: fruity plum estery
 flavor: plum
CS2-octyl octanoate
FL plum berry flavor
FL plum cinnamon flavor
FL/FR plum essence
 flavor: plum
FL plum flavor
FLasian spiced plum flavor
FLgreengage plum flavor
FLmirabelle plum flavor
FL/FR plum infusions
 odor: plum
FL plum juice concentrate
 flavor: plum
FL plum raspberry flavor
Secondary (Second) - plum
FL peach plum flavor
FL peach plum raspberry flavor
FL/FR styralyl butyrate
 odor: Sweet, fruity, berry-like with a juicy fruit and bubble gum character and a tropical fruity pulpy and over ripe fruit nectar like nuance
 flavor: Heavy, fruity, plum-like with a rich tropical nectar nuance. It has juicy fruit and tutti frutti bubble gum-like nuances
Tertiary (Third) - plum
FL/FR benzyl butyrate
 odor: fresh fruity jasmin apricot loganberry
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, tropical, plum, pear, pineapple, apricot
FL/FR linalyl isovalerate
 odor: citrus bergamot lavender peach apricot sage
 flavor: sweet fruity apple plum peach
FL2-methyl allyl butyrate
 odor: powerful fruity ether
 flavor: sweet pineapple apple plum
FL yuzu ginger plum flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - plum
Quinary (Fifth) - plum
FL/FR farnesol
 odor: mild fresh sweet linden floral angelica
 flavor: floral juicy green tropical plum pear peach cilantro metallic
FL/FR heliotropyl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity berry jam plum tropical heliotrope powdery
 flavor: sweet fruity tropical boysenberry berry plum apricot bubble gum
FL/FR hexyl formate
 odor: apple unripe plum banana sweet
 flavor: ethereal green unripe banana nasturtium plum skin
Senary (Sixth) - plum
FL/FRalpha,alpha-dimethyl benzyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet fruity apricot peach plum green dry
 flavor: fruity citrus green dry banana plum
Septenary (Seventh) - plum
Octonary (Eighth) - plum
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