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Odor Descriptors for pungent
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Primary (First) - pungent
FL acetone alcohol
 odor: pungent sweet caramellic ethereal
 flavor: sweet slightly green burnt
FL allyl alcohol
 odor: pungent mustard
FL/FRmeta-cresyl acetate
 odor: powerful, pungent floral narcissus phenolic
 flavor: phenolic
FLS-ethyl 2-acetyl aminoethane thioate
 odor: pungent meaty
FL ethyl isothiocyanate
 odor: pungent mustard garlic
 eucalyptus leucoxylon leaf oil algeria
FL4-mercapto-2-pentanone 1% in acetoin
 odor: pungent meaty
FL methional diethyl acetal
 odor: pungent cabbage
 flavor: mushroom onion green sweet tomato garlic
FL4-methyl valeric acid
 odor: pungent cheese
 odor: pungent mushroom
 odor: pungent green apple orange tomato
 odor: pungent minty peppermint
 flavor: minty cooling mentholic peppermint spicy herbal
FL truffle sulfide
 odor: Pungent, metallic, alliaceous, garlic and mustard like with mushroom and horseradish nuances
 flavor: Alliaceous, sulfurous fresh onion and garlic-like with cruciferous vegetable nuances of cabbage, spicy nuances of mustard and horseradish
FL/FRisovaleric acid
 odor: sour stinky feet sweaty cheese tropical
 flavor: Cheesey, dairy, creamy, fermented, sweet, waxy and berry
Secondary (Second) - pungent
FL dihydrogalangal acetate
 odor: pungent spicy
 flavor: spicy cool tingling
 odor: pungent alcohol
FL onion oleoresin
 flavor: onion
FL2-pentenoic acid
 odor: pungent fatty
FL propionaldehyde
 odor: Ethereal, pungent, chocking with earthy, alcoholic wine lees-like with a whiskey and brandy impact and cocoa nutty and slightly meaty nuance on dryout with a grape like nuance
 flavor: Musty, yeasty, ethereal, nutty and vegetative with nuances of potato, blue cheese, grape, banana, apple, broccoli, almond and chocolate
Tertiary (Third) - pungent
FL/FRisoamyl alcohol
 odor: Fusel, alcoholic, pungent, etherial, cognac, fruity, banana and molasses
 flavor: Fusel, fermented, fruity, banana, etherial and cognac
FL butyl isothiocyanate
 odor: sulfury pungent green
FL/FR filbert heptenone
 odor: raw nut skin myrcene ketonic sweet hazelnut filbert
 flavor: Nutty, roasted, coffee, cocoa, brown with an earthy brown and meaty nuance
 odor: powerful herbal
FLisomesityl oxide
 odor: pungent vegetable acrylic
FL methyl methane thiosulfonate
 odor: sulfurous pungent roasted
 odor: pungent earthy woody
Quaternary (Fourth) - pungent
FL/FRisobutyl-3-(methyl thio) butyrate
 odor: pungent dry strawberry sweet
 odor: pungent green vegetable oily
 flavor: metallic earthy potato cooked pineapple
Quinary (Fifth) - pungent
 odor: fresh aldehydic floral green
 flavor: fresh aldehydic herbal green malty
FL/FR cistus cyclohexanone
 odor: pungent thujone labdanum honey cistus
Senary (Sixth) - pungent
Septenary (Seventh) - pungent
FL/FR cherry pentenoate
 odor: Fruity, green, cooling, sweet and pungent
 flavor: Fruity, green, sweet, berry and melon
Octonary (Eighth) - pungent
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