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Odor Descriptors for fungal
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Primary (First) - fungal
FL/FR dehydrolinalool
FL/FR hydroxymethyl hexyl ethyl ketone
 odor: musty herbal sweet earthy
FR jasmin nonane
 odor: jasmone green fungus
FL/FR methyl 2-furoate
 odor: fruity mushroom fungus tobacco sweet
 flavor: sweet caramel brown sugar musty
FL/FR mushroom absolute
 odor: fungal mushroom
 flavor: mushroom
 odor: musty mushroom
FL/FRblack truffle whole plant oil
 odor: truffle
 flavor: truffle
Secondary (Second) - fungal
 odor: Intense waxy fungal mushroom with ketonic cheesy and vegetative nuances
 flavor: Intense earthy, fungal, mushroom-like with waxy dairy and cheese nuances, with a slight green vegetative and tropical aftertaste
FL difurfuryl sulfide
 odor: Mild, earthy, fungal, mushroom-like with roasted meaty undertone, cocoa and coffee with nutty nuances
 flavor: Earthy, mushroom, metallic, with bloody savory notes
FR fungus fragrance
FL/FR heptanal cyclic acetal with glycerol
 odor: earthy fungal sweet
FL/FR heptanal glyceryl acetal
 odor: earthy fungal sweet
 odor: mushroom fungal
FL/FR methyl undecylenate
 odor: earthy fungal rose fatty floral
 odor: fungal fruity genuine mushroom earthy
 flavor: mushroom
FL1-octen-3-yl propionate
 odor: mushroom
Tertiary (Third) - fungal
FL1-(methyl thio)-2-butanone
 odor: fresh radish, mustard, horseradish and wasabi like with alliaceous onion and savory metallic and vegetative nuances.
 flavor: sulfurous, cabbage and radish, horseradish, toasted onion and dairy like nuances
FR tiglyl tiglate
 odor: damp forest soil fungus mushroom anise flowery leaf buds
Quaternary (Fourth) - fungal
FL butyl methyl ketone
 odor: fruity fungal meaty buttery
FL/FR earthy acetal
 odor: natural green floral earthy fungal
FL1,6-hexane dithiol
 odor: burnt fatty meaty fungal sulfurous
 flavor: burnt fatty meaty
Quinary (Fifth) - fungal
FL/FR methyl 10-undecenoate
 odor: fatty waxy citrus earthy fungal rose floral
 flavor: waxy pineapple
 odor: mushroom earthy green oily fungal raw chicken
 flavor: Mushroom, earthy, fungal, green, oily, vegetative, umami sensation and savory brothy
Senary (Sixth) - fungal
Septenary (Seventh) - fungal
Octonary (Eighth) - fungal
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