Typical G.C. analysis

eucalyptus globulus oil pakistan
Saeed and Sabir (1997) screened eucalyptus oil for their antimicrobial characteristics. As part of their study, the authors reported that a pakistani e. globulus oil contained the following constituents:
80.20  borneol
30.40  camphene
1616.70beta- caryophyllene
723.601,8- cineole
1013.60  citronellol
118.60  cryptone
170.10beta- cubebene
1trace  cumene
60.60para- cymene
181.90  linalool oxide
131.80  linalyl acetate
150.60alpha- phellandrene
193.60beta- phellandrene
20.30alpha- pinene
40.40beta- pinene
140.20iso pulegol
51.20gamma- terpinene
92.90alpha- terpineol
120.50  terpinolene

M. A. Saeed and A. W. Sabir, Antimicrobial studies of the constituents of Pakistani Eucalyptus oils. J. Fac. Pharm. Gazi, 12(2), 129-140 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

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