Typical G.C. analysis

schinus molle seed oil
Bernhard et al. (1983) analyzed an oil of S. molle fruit produced by the Likens-Nickerson apparatus using GC/MS. They found that the oil contained the following components:
129.11delta- cadinene
326.64 cadinol
271.39T- cadinol
230.26alpha- calacorene
160.15gamma- calacorene
140.28  calamenene
82.02beta- caryophyllene
210.12alpha- copaene
200.13alpha- cubebene
172.93para- cymene
70.52beta- elemene
241.32  elemol
300.90alpha- eudesmol
311.01beta- eudesmol
261.04gamma- eudesmol
150.34  geranyl butyrate
130.22beta- guaiene
220.71alpha- gurjunene
90.58alpha- humulene
57.23  limonene
190.95  methyl octanoate
111.48alpha- muurolene
100.48gamma- muurolene
290.69alpha- muurolol
282.32T- muurolol
320.41  myrcene
250.28  neryl hexanoate
417.34alpha- phellandrene
66.21beta- phellandrene
12.66alpha- pinene
20.17beta- pinene
180.10  terpinolene

R. A. Bernhard, T. Shibamoto, K. Yamaguchi and E. White, The volatile constituents of Schinus molle L. J. Agric. Food Chem., 31, 463-466 (1983).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

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