Typical G.C. analysis

juniperus communis fruit oil
240.60  aromadendrene
170.40  bornyl acetate
272.50alpha- cadinene
260.80gamma- cadinene
290.80alpha- cadinol
30.30  camphene
130.20  campholenic aldehyde
202.70  caryophyllene
300.40alpha- copaene
180.90alpha- cubebene
90.20para- cymene
191.10beta- elemene
282.90gamma- elemene
2210.50beta- farnesene
212.20alpha- humulene
103.10  limonene
2310.50alpha- muurolene
251.60gamma- muurolene
611.00  myrcene
233.60alpha- pinene
42.50beta- pinene
47.60  sabinene
110.90  sabinene hydrate
142.10  terpinen-4-ol
80.50alpha- terpinene
150.20alpha- terpineol
121.00  terpinolene
10.70alpha- thujene
160.20  valeranone

G. Bonaga and G. C. Galletti, Analysis of volatile components in juniper oil by high resolution gas chromatography and combined gas chromatography / mass spectrometry, Ann. Chimica, 75, 131-136 (1985).

P&F 12, No. 6, 59, (1987)

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