Flavor Demo Formulas (flavor grade components)

Benedictine imitation
Application: flavors for alcoholic beverages
Cosmetic, Fragrances and Flavors, Louis Appel, 1982, Novox, Inc. pg. 346
For Flavor Use
150.00lemon oil
240.00orange oil
75.00wormwood oil
300.00cognac oil green
2.00angelica seed oil
15.00sage oil dalmatian 10%
7.00hyssop oil
2.00cardamom seed oil
4.00peppermint oil
15.00white thyme oil 10%
2.00neroli oil
4.00melissa oil
2.00cinnamyl cinnamate
4.00clove bud oil
163.00ethyl alcohol 95%
15.00confectionary rose flavor
Cinnamon flavor
Patent 4,492,645 Organoleptic use of cyclohexenyl-alpha-alkyl acrolein derivatives
For Flavor Use
27.50ethyl vanillin
66.00bitter almond oil
420.00cinnamon bark oil
66.00clove bud oil
33.00cardamom seed oil
66.00nutmeg oil
195.50lemon oil c.p. california
Liquor monastery type
For Flavor Use
5.00neroli oil
20.00clove bud oil
25.00cardamom seed oil
25.00nutmeg oil
25.00cinnamon bark oil
35.00lemon oil
65.00orange oil
75.00angelica seed oil
75.00peppermint oil
200.00bitter orange peel oil rectified (furo coumarin reduced)
445.00angelica root oil
5.00trans- or cis-2,6,6-trimethyl-1-crotonoyl-1-cyclohexene
Oral hygiene flavor
Patent 4,312,766 Derivatives of cis-3-hexenol and process for producing compositions of matter containing cis-3-hexenal and products produced thereby and organoleptic uses thereof
For Flavor Use
89.00peppermint oil
2.00spearmint oil
1.00clove bud oil
0.10cardamom seed oil
5.00wintergreen oil
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