Typical G.C. analysis

pimenta dioica fruit oil CO2 extract
22tracedelta- cadinene
190.2gamma- cadinene
175.2beta- caryophyllene
81.31,8- cineole
6tracepara- cymene
1514.9  eugenol
180.2alpha- humulene
7trace  limonene
12trace  linalool
1667.9  methyl eugenol
46.0  myrcene
90.9(Z)-beta- ocimene
1tracealpha- pinene
2tracebeta- pinene
30.2  sabinene
21tracealpha- selinene
20tracebeta- selinene
130.3  terpinen-4-ol
5tracealpha- terpinene
10tracegamma- terpinene
140.4alpha- terpineol
110.4  terpinolene

J. Garcia-Fajardo, M. Martinez-Sosa, M. Estarron-Espinosa, G. Vilarem, A. Gaset and J. M. de Santos, Comparative study of the oil and supercritical CO2 extract of Mexican pimento (Pimenta dioica Merrill). J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 181-185 (1997)

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

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