Typical G.C. analysis

artemisia herba-alba herb oil morocco
130.1  artemisyl alcohol
90.7  borneol
160.1  bornyl acetate
27tracedelta- cadinene
28tracegamma- cadinene
31.8  camphene
2110.3  camphor
12trace  carvacrol
230.8beta- caryophyllene
224.2  chrysanthenone
17trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
1414.01,8- cineole
40.1para- cymene
261.7beta- elemene
243.1alpha- guaiene
25tracealpha- humulene
10trace  myrtenol
18trace  myrtenyl acetate
11.5alpha- pinene
20.8beta- pinene
50.2alpha- terpinene
71.5gamma- terpinene
85.3alpha- terpineol
150.1alpha- terpinyl acetate
60.1alpha- thujene
1923.9alpha- thujone
2020.1beta- thujone
11trace  thymol

A. Ouyabya, R. Negre, J. Viano, Y. F. Lozano and E. M. Gaydou, Essential oils from Moroccan Artemisia negrei, A. mesatlantica and A. herba-alba, Lebensmitt. Wiss u Technol., 23, 528-530 (1990).

P&F 19, No. 5, 83, (1994)

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