Typical G.C. analysis

coriandrum sativum fruit oil
140.30  borneol
30.20  camphene
138.90  camphor
80.101,8- cineole
72.60para- cymene
182.30  geraniol
191.70  geranyl acetate
91.40  limonene
1267.50  linalool
150.30(E)- linalool oxide
110.30(Z)- linalool oxide
50.6  myrcene
170.10  nerol
21.80alpha- pinene
40.30beta- pinene
6<0.10alpha- terpinene
104.50gamma- terpinene
160.40alpha- terpineol
1<0.10alpha- thujene
F. Chialva, G. Gabri, P. A. P. Liddle and F. Ulian, Quantitative evaluation of aromatic herbs by direct headspace (GC)2 analysis Application of the method and composition with the traditional analysis of essential oils, In: Aromatic plants, basic and applied aspects, Edits., N. Margaris, A. Koedam and D. Vokou, pp. 183-195, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, The Hague (1982). P&F 22, No. 1, 49, (1997)
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