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Flavor Descriptors for sour
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Primary (First) - sour
FL acetic acid
 flavor: pungent sour overripe fruit
FLsour apple flavor
 flavor: sour
FL/FRsour cherry essence
 odor: sour cherry
 flavor: sour cherry
FLsour cherry flavor
FLsour cherry juice concentrate
 flavor: sour cherry
FL2,4-dimethyl-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: acidic fruity cheese honey
 flavor: Tangy, acidic and cheesy with ripe, fruity and animal nuances
FLsour dough flavor
 flavor: sour cheesy milky
FL/FR lactic acid
 flavor: sour acid
FLlaevo-lactic acid
 flavor: sour acidic
FLcalamansi lime fruit
 flavor: sour lime
FL/FR2-methyl-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: dry acid sweaty strawberry woody fruity jam
 flavor: Sour, acidic, sweaty, berry- and fruit-like
FL3-methyl valeric acid
 odor: Animalic, sharp acidic cheesey, green with a fruity sweaty nuance
 flavor: Sour, cheesey, fresh with fruity notes
FL myrica rubra fruit juice
 flavor: sweet sour similar to cranberry or pomegranate
CS myrica rubra leaf/stem extract
 flavor: sweet sour similar to cranberry or pomegranate
FL(E)-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: acidic feta cheese buttery
 flavor: sour acetic buttery
FL soursop distillates
 flavor: tropical sour fruity
FL succinic acid
 flavor: sour acidic
FL whiskey sour flavor
Secondary (Second) - sour
FLsour blueberry flavor
FL/FR butyric acid
 odor: sharp acetic cheese butter fruit
 flavor: Acidic sour, cheesy, dairy, creamy with a fruity nuance
FL/FRisobutyric acid
 odor: acidic sour cheese dairy buttery rancid
 flavor: acidic sour cheesy limburger cheese dairy creamy
FLsour cream flavor
FLsour grape flavor
FLsour lemon flavor
FLsour lime flavor
FLsour mango flavor
FLsour pineapple flavor
FLsour raspberry flavor
FLwild raspberry flavor
FLsour strawberry flavor
FL sweet & sour candy flavor
FL sweet & sour flavor
FL tamarind flavor
FL vinegar
 flavor: sour vinegar
FLbalsamic vinegar flavor
FLsour watermelon flavor
Tertiary (Third) - sour
 ethyl 2-thenoate
 flavor: fermented grape, sour, winey
FL yogurt flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - sour
Quinary (Fifth) - sour
2-ethyl thiopyridine
 flavor: green, acid, cereal, bitter, sour
Senary (Sixth) - sour
Septenary (Seventh) - sour
FL prunus spinosa extract
 odor: berry, plum, sweet, acidic and sour with a juicy nuance
 flavor: Berry, fruity, raspberry, blueberry and juicy with a tart and sour aftertaste
Octonary (Eighth) - sour
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