Fragrance Demo Formulas

Rose M S (perfume)
Perfumery Technology, Art-Science-Industry, second revised edition, F.V. Wells and M. Billot, 1981, Ellis Horwood Limited, pg. 203
For Fragrance Use
390.00rose H (perfume)
110.00rhodinol P (Rhone-Poulenc)
45.00rhodinol (with traces of menthone)
150.00phenethyl alcohol
5.00geranium oil bourbon
7.50cinnamic alcohol
26.50iraldein 100%
3.50iralia B (Firmenich)
9.00sandalwood oil
100.00lorena (Firmenich)
1.00bois de rhodes (UPO)
5.00diphenyl oxide
1.00aromel (Givaudan)
14.50guaiacwood oil
2.00geranyl acetate
2.00phenethyl acetate
9.00rhodinyl acetate
14.50citronellyl formate
5.00geranyl formate
4.50rhodinyl formate
10.00phenyl acetaldehyde 50%
15.00verbenol (Firmenich)
39.00musk ketone
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