Flavor Demo Formulas (flavor grade components)

Dill spice flavor
Patent 4,399,063 Prins reaction products of diisobutylene, derivatives thereof,organoleptic uses thereof and processes for preparing same
For Flavor Use
84.50dill weed oil
1.75garlic oil
3.75capsicum oleoresin
2.50cassia bark oil
2.50clove bud oil
2.50allspice berry oil
1.25mustard seed oil
1.25bay leaf oil
89.09propylene glycol
Salad flavor
Cosmetic, Fragrances and Flavors, Louis Appel, 1982, Novox, Inc. pg. 347
For Flavor Use
30.00orange oil
30.00marjoram oil wild spain
30.00lemon oil
90.00celery seed oil 10%
45.00celery seed oleoresin
15.00nutmeg oil
35.00sage oil dalmatian
150.00dill weed oil
35.00tarragon oil
20.00white thyme oil
25.00coriander seed oil
5.00ginger root oil
10.00ginger oleoresin
10.00bay leaf oil
20.00cinnamyl cinnamate
15.00anise seed oil
10.00pimento berry oil
100.00clove bud oil
325.00corn oil
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