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Odor Descriptors for mustard
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Primary (First) - mustard
FL allyl alcohol
 odor: pungent mustard
FL allyl isothiocyanate
 flavor: mustard horseradish wasabi
FL methyl isothiocyanate
 odor: pungent mustard horseradish
FLwhite mustard seed oil
 odor: mustard
 flavor: mustard
FL mustard seed oleoresin
 odor: mustard
 flavor: mustard
FL4-pentenyl isothiocyanate
 odor: mustard horseradish
FLisopropyl isothiocyanate
 odor: pungent mustard
 flavor: mustard
Secondary (Second) - mustard
FL ethyl isothiocyanate
 odor: pungent mustard garlic
Tertiary (Third) - mustard
FL/FR ethyl vinyl ketone
 odor: Pungent, etherial, lifting, peppery, garlic, mustard and onion
 flavor: Pungent, etherial, peppery, garlic, onion, fishy and mustard with a hot nuance
Quaternary (Fourth) - mustard
FLisobutyl mercaptan
 odor: cooked vegetable mustard
FL diethyl trisulfide
 odor: sulfurous garlic onion
FL methyl propyl disulfide
 odor: Sulfureous, alliaceous, radish, mustard, tomato, potato and garlic
 flavor: Onion, garlic, tomato, potato, alliaceous and vegetative
Quinary (Fifth) - mustard
FL/FR2-methyl 5-(methyl thio) furan
 odor: Sulfureous, onion, garlic, coffee and mustard-like with pungent horseradish and peppery nuances
 flavor: Musty, mustard, onion, garlic, mushroom, coffee and savory nuances
FL2-methyl thioacetaldehyde
 odor: Sulfureous, vegatative, onion, garlic, mustard and nutty with a potato nuance
 flavor: Alliaceous and vegetative with a good mouthfeel and onion and garlic-like with a potato and bready nuance
FL1-(methyl thio)-2-butanone
 odor: fresh radish, mustard, horseradish and wasabi like with alliaceous onion and savory metallic and vegetative nuances.
 flavor: sulfurous, cabbage and radish, horseradish, toasted onion and dairy like nuances
FL truffle sulfide
 odor: Pungent, metallic, alliaceous, garlic and mustard like with mushroom and horseradish nuances
 flavor: Alliaceous, sulfurous fresh onion and garlic-like with cruciferous vegetable nuances of cabbage, spicy nuances of mustard and horseradish
Senary (Sixth) - mustard
FL/FR2,4,5-trimethyl oxazole
 odor: nutty nut skin roasted wasabi shellfish mustard vegetable
 flavor: burnt nutty hazelnut oily nut skin potato earthy mushroom
Septenary (Seventh) - mustard
FL2-methyl 3-(methyl thio) furan
 odor: Spicy, pungent alliaceous, sulfurous drying to a meaty brothy aroma with mustard and coffee nuances
 flavor: Mild meaty, spicy, slightly solvent like with coffee, nutty and cheesy nuances
Octonary (Eighth) - mustard
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