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Flavor Descriptors for mustard
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Primary (First) - mustard
FL allyl isothiocyanate
 flavor: mustard horseradish wasabi
FL allyl isothiocyanate
 flavor: mustard horseradish wasabi
FL furfuryl methyl ether
 odor: roasted coffee
 flavor: mustard
 flavor: mustard
FL methyl furfuryl thiol
 odor: sulfurous roasted coffee
 flavor: strong mustard garlic burnt meaty
FL methyl 5-methyl furfuryl sulfide
 flavor: mustard, onion-like
FL2-(methyl thio) ethyl acetate
 odor: tropical melon sweet rancid meat
 flavor: mustard horseradish wasabi
FL mustard flavor
FLdeli mustard flavor
FLdijon mustard flavor
FLhoney mustard flavor
FLhot mustard flavor
FLwhite mustard seed oil
 odor: mustard
 flavor: mustard
FL mustard seed oleoresin
 odor: mustard
 flavor: mustard
FLisopropyl isothiocyanate
 odor: pungent mustard
 flavor: mustard
 thenyl formate
 flavor: mustard-like
 thenyl methyl ether
 flavor: mustard-like
Secondary (Second) - mustard
 flavor: green, mustard-like
 odor: green fermented tea
 flavor: burnt, mustard-like
FL/FR2-methyl 5-(methyl thio) furan
 odor: Sulfureous, onion, garlic, coffee and mustard-like with pungent horseradish and peppery nuances
 flavor: Musty, mustard, onion, garlic, mushroom, coffee and savory nuances
Tertiary (Third) - mustard
Quaternary (Fourth) - mustard
FL formic acid
 odor: pungent vinegar formyl
 flavor: Acetic, astringent, fruity, mustard, bready, with a pyruvic acid nuance
Quinary (Fifth) - mustard
FL furfuryl methyl sulfide
 odor: Onion garlic, sulfuraceous, with a pungent vegetable horseradish nuance
 flavor: Sulfuraceous, garlic, eggy with a horseradish mustard nuance
 odor: green phenolic nasturtium ethereal medicinal aldehydic cherry narcissus metallic fruity
 flavor: ethereal green nasturtium spicy mustard horseradish
Senary (Sixth) - mustard
FL/FR2-acetyl pyrrole
 odor: musty nut skin maraschino cherry coumarinic licorice walnut bready
 flavor: sweet fruity musty cherry nutty wasabi mustard tea
FL truffle sulfide
 odor: Pungent, metallic, alliaceous, garlic and mustard like with mushroom and horseradish nuances
 flavor: Alliaceous, sulfurous fresh onion and garlic-like with cruciferous vegetable nuances of cabbage, spicy nuances of mustard and horseradish
Septenary (Seventh) - mustard
FL/FR ethyl vinyl ketone
 odor: Pungent, etherial, lifting, peppery, garlic, mustard and onion
 flavor: Pungent, etherial, peppery, garlic, onion, fishy and mustard with a hot nuance
Octonary (Eighth) - mustard
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