Typical G.C. analysis

tanacetum vulgare flower oil argentina
21trace  carvacrol
70.831,8- cineole
90.32para- cymene
200.12  eugenol
180.55  germacrene D
6trace  limonene
4trace  myrcene
19trace  myrtenol
1tracealpha- pinene
2tracebeta- pinene
140.15  pinocarvone
30.97  sabinene
170.17  sabinol
150.39  terpinen-4-ol
5tracealpha- terpinene
80.25gamma- terpinene
16tracealpha- terpineol
10trace  terpinolene
110.76alpha- thujone
1291.65beta- thujone
13trace  umbellulone

M. Gallino, Essential oil from Tanacetum vulgare growing spontaneously in “Tierra del Fuego” (Argentina). Planta Med., 54, 182 (1988).

P&F 25, No. 1, 33, (2000)

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