Typical G.C. analysis

ylang ylang flower oil III
271.93T- amorphol
120.09(E)- anethole
80.69  benzyl acetate
295.43  benzyl benzoate
312.81  benzyl salicylate
263.67delta- cadinene
251.25gamma- cadinene
1912.39beta- caryophyllene
200.46beta- cedrene
50.031,8-cineole + limonene
170.88  cinnamyl acetate
151.60alpha- copaene
160.54beta-cubebene + beta-elemene
130.06  eugenol
180.36iso eugenol
2423.75alpha- farnesene
303.46(E,E)-alpha-farnesyl acetate
281.56(Z,Z)-alpha-farnesyl acetate
110.19  geraniol
141.21  geranyl acetate
2321.65  germacrene D
213.62alpha- humulene
70.76  linalool
60.20  methyl benzoate
40.39para- methyl cresol
100.022- phenethyl acetate
30.08alpha- pinene
20.02  prenyl acetate
10.01iso prenyl acetate
220.27  prenyl benzoate
90.02alpha-terpineol + methyl chavicol

B. Benveniste and N. Azzo, Ylang Ylang. Kato Technical Bulletin and Newsletter. Vol V1, June 30, Kato Woldwide Ltd., Mount Vernon, NY (1992).

P&F 20, No. 2, 49, (1995)

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