Typical G.C. analysis

clove leaf oil
220.45  asarone
80.07  benzaldehyde
141.39  benzyl alcohol
16tracedelta- cadinene
150.55gamma- cadinene
126.42beta- caryophyllene
110.37alpha-copaene + alpha-terpineol
100.08alpha- cubebene
60.05para- cymene
1780.97  eugenol
18traceiso eugenol
19trace  eugenyl acetate
210.61(E,E)- farnesol
200.61(Z,E)- farnesol
40.062-heptanone + 1,8-cineole
30.032- hexanone
131.39alpha- humulene
70.032- nonanol
10.03alpha- pinene
20.03beta- pinene
50.01alpha-terpinene + limonene
90.13(E)-beta- terpineol

M. Copalakrishnan, C. S. Narayman and A. G. Mathew, Chemical composition of Indian clove bud, stem and leaf oils. Indian Perfum., 32(3), 229-235 (1988).

P&F 19, No. 5, 83, (1994)

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