Typical G.C. analysis

aydendron barbeyana mez. wood oil
413.70  benzyl benzoate
421.60  benzyl salicylate
192.50(E)-beta-bergamotene + beta-curcumene
230.50(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
408.30beta- bisabolol
112.80  borneol
390.60  cadalene
251.80gamma- cadinene
275.80gamma-cadinene + furopelargone A
284.00alpha-calacorene + (E)-sequisabinene hydrate
33.20  camphene
100.10  camphor
180.60beta- caryophyllene
311.10  caryophyllene oxide
170.10alpha- cedrene
242.90sesquicineole + beta-bisabolene
162.20alpha- copaene
8tracepara- cresol
151.40alpha- cubebene
220.90epi- cubebol
262.10 cubebol + (E)-calamenene
382.10  cubenol
352.701-epi- cubenol
6tracepara- cymene
331.101,10- di-epi-cubenol
216.601,11-oxidocalamenene + ar-curcumene
374.90beta-eudesmol + alpha-cadinol
323.40  guaiol
201.20alpha-humulene + beta-farnesene
70.70 limonene + 1,8-cineole
9trace  linalool
296.50(E)- nerolidol
22.80alpha- pinene
50.90beta- pinene
4trace  sabinene
302.00(Z)-sequi sabinene hydrate
140.50  safrole
361.30  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
120.10  terpinen-4-ol
130.10alpha- terpineol
1tracealpha- thujene

P. Weyerstahl, H. Marschall-Weyerstahl and C. Christiansen, Constituents of Ayou essential oil (Aydendron barbeyana Mez.). Flav. Fragr. J., 4, 93-98 (1989).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

baccharis dracunculifolia oil brazil
100.20  acetophenone
26<0.01(E)-anethole + safrol
443.30  aromadendrene
491.10allo- aromadendrene
940.20(E,E)-isobicyclogermacra-1(10),4-dien-5-al + (Z)-3-hexenyl 3-phenyl propionate
573.10  bicyclogermacrene
530.20isobutyl 3-phenyl propionate + sec-butyl 3-phenyl propionate + 10,11-epoxycadina-4,9-diene
430.30  cabreuva oxide A
471.30  cabreuva oxide B
480.10  cabreuva oxide C
510.40  cabreuva oxide D
635.60delta- cadinene
611.30gamma- cadinene
881.60alpha- cadinol
861.30T-cadinol + T-muurolol
670.90alpha-calacorene + (Z)-dracunculifoliol + exo-1,5-epoxysavial-4(15)-ene
640.50(E)- calamenene
561.00(Z)- calamenene
60.10delta-3- carene
20<0.01trans- carveol
210.10cis-carveol + citronellol + nerol
416.20beta- caryophyllene
760.60  caryophyllene oxide
360.70alpha-copaene + methyl eugenol
870.30  cubenol
220.10 cuminaldehyde + carvone + neral + (Z)-4,8-dimethyl nona-3,7-dien-2-one
80.10para- cymene
350.20(E)-beta-damascenone + isopropyl 3-phenyl propionate
39<0.01beta- damascone
840.104(15)- dehydroglobulol
150.40(E)-4,8- dimethyl nona-1,3,7-triene
140.10(Z)-4,8- dimethyl nona-1,3,7-triene
250.10(E)-4,8- dimethyl nona-3,7-dien-2-one
420.402,2-dimethyl-6-vinyl chromene + gamma-elemene
381.60beta- elemene
320.40delta- elemene
791.805,11-epoxycadin-1(10)-ene + epi-junenol
550.3010,11- epoxycalamenene
310.10  ethyl 3-phenyl propionate
370.20  ethyl decanoate
240.10 geranial + methyl 3-phenyl propionate + methyl citronellate
230.10  geraniol
340.10  geranyl acetate
900.30 germacra-4(15),5,10(14)-trien-1b-ol
543.60  germacrene D
801.40 globulol + (E)-dracunculifoliol + salvia-4(15)-en-1-one
28<0.01(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl tiglate
600.10iso humbertiol A + isohumbertiol C
650.30iso humbertiol B + isohumbertiol D
461.90alpha- humulene
830.10  humulene oxide II
500.07(E)-beta- ionone
850.40  junenol
583.60  ledene
820.70  ledol
98.40  limonene
130.40  linalool
740.30  maaliol
16<0.01para- methyl acetophenone
770.402- methyl butyl 3-phenyl propionate
780.403- methyl butyl 3-phenyl propionate
590.90alpha- muurolene
522.10gamma- muurolene
51.00  myrcene
190.10 myrtenol + ethyl octanoate
7015.00(E)- nerolidol
330.20  neryl acetate
890.10 opposita-4(14),11(12)-dien-1b-ol
660.60  pacifigorgiol
730.60  palustrol
22.90alpha- pinene
45.90beta- pinene
400.70  propyl 3-phenyl propionate
30.10  sabinene
753.50  spathulenol
170.10 terpinen-4-ol + para-cymen-8-ol + safranal
70.10alpha- terpinene
110.10gamma- terpinene
180.60alpha-terpineol + myrtenal
120.20  terpinolene
29<0.01  theaspirane A
30<0.01 theaspirane B + methyl geranate
10.10alpha- thujene
910.60(E,E)-3,7,11-trimethyl dodeca-1,6,9-trien-3,11-diol
811.00 viridiflorol + beta-oplopenone
27<0.01 vitispirane A + vitispirane B
710.30 waitziacuminone

P. Weyerstahl, C. Christiansen and H. Mosandl, Constituents of Brazilian Vassoura oil. Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 15-23 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 1, 53, (1999)

cedarwood oil texas
70.70alpha- acoradiene
80.60beta- acoradiene
190.70alpha- alaskene
140.20beta- alaskene
250.40alpha- bisabolol
10.20  camphor
260.908- cedren-13-ol
230.70alpha- cedrene
35.50beta- cedrene
2019.10  cedrol
171.20alpha- chamigrene
91.10beta- chamigrene
230.20  cubenol
181.70  cuparene
120.10ar- curcumene
110.10gamma- curcumene
50.50alpha- himachalene
161.40beta- himachalene
100.10gamma- himachalene
151.50alpha- selinene
60.10  thujopsadiene
425.00  thujopsene
130.10  valencene
211.60  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cedrela odorata wood oil
170.57allo- aromadendrene
230.50  bicyclogermacrene
330.53beta- bisabolol
270.04 brachyl oxide
121.30  cadina-1,4-diene
130.16alpha- cadinene
911.70delta- cadinene
100.20gamma- cadinene
260.12alpha- calacorene
240.70  calamenene
143.40  calarene
151.20  caryophyllene
415.60alpha- copaene
18.00alpha- cubebene
63.20beta- cubebene
300.96  cubenol
311.40epi- cubenol
86.80beta- curcumene
70.10beta- elemene
20.44delta- elemene
160.12gamma- elemene
181.80beta- farnesene
250.05  geranyl acetone
212.60  germacrene D
50.45alpha- gurjunene
192.10alpha- humulene
200.55  ledene
221.00alpha- muurolene
298.00(E)- nerolidol
280.09  palustrol
111.00sesquiphellandrene + ar-curcumene
320.08  spathulenol
30.38alpha- ylangene

E. J. Brunke, E. J. Hammerschmidt and F. H. Koster, Essential Oil of Cedrela odorata L. (Meliaceae) from Brazil-Revised List of Constituents. in Progress in Essential Oil Research. E. J. Brunke, ed. pp. 117-122, Walter de

Gruyter, Berlin (1986).

P&F 12, No. 3, 58, (1987)

cinnamomum zeylanicum fruit oil india
In 1997, Jayaprakasha et al. analyzed two oils of the fruit of C. zeylanicum by GC and GC/MS. Although the oils were produced from fruit harvested in two different locations in India, Karnataka and Kerala, the oil compositions were similar as can be seen from the following analytical results:
322.7-2.8  benzyl benzoate
80.3-0.4  borneol
212.3-3.0delta- cadinene
201.2-1.6gamma- cadinene
311.0-1.5alpha- cadinol
302.7-3.4T- cadinol
159.2-13.7beta- caryophyllene
240.9-1.1  caryophyllene oxide
100.6-4.3(E)- cinnamaldehyde
70.2-0.3(Z)- cinnamaldehyde
1642.4-54.2(E)- cinnamyl acetate
112.0-2.2(E)- cinnamyl alcohol
141.8-3.1alpha- copaene
290.5-0.8  cubenol
270.4-0.510-epi-gamma- eudesmol
120.2-0.3  eugenol
191.7-2.0  germacrene B
180.7-0.8  germacrene D
260.3  germacrene D-4-ol
250.5-0.6  globulol
220.4beta- guaiene
172.8-3.1alpha- humulene
340.0-0.3  methyl oleate
330.0-0.3  methyl palmitate
280.3alpha- muurolol
30.0-0.2  myrcene
230.2-0.4  nerolidol
60.2-0.5(E)-beta- ocimene
40.1-0.7alpha- phellandrene
50.4-1.6beta- phellandrene
132.9-4.33- phenyl propyl acetate
10.1-1.6alpha- pinene
20.1-0.6beta- pinene
90.3alpha- terpineol

G. K. Jayaprakasha, L. Jaganmohan Rao and K. K. Sakariah, Chemical composition of the folatile oil from the fruits of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume. Flav. Fragr. J., 12, 331-333 (1997)

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

cistus ladaniferus oil morocco
400.80alpha- amorphene
470.97allo- aromadendrene
231.45  borneol
352.40  bornyl acetate
523.00delta- cadinene
591.32alpha- cadinol
580.81T- cadinol
530.31alpha- calacorene
540.37beta- calacorene
210.74  camphene hydrate
12trace  camphenilone
170.78alpha- campholenic aldehyde
202.92  camphor
360.21  carvacrol
311.22cis- carveol
330.31  carvone
45tracebeta- caryophyllene
7trace1,8- cineole
410.79alpha- copaene
380.30alpha- cubebene
420.19beta- cubebene
571.71  cubenol
320.77  cuminaldehyde
250.19para- cymen-8-ol
40.30ortho- cymene
130.43para- cymene
160.572,6- dimethyl cyclohexanol
2trace3,5- dimethyl phenol
30tracealpha- fenchyl acetate
340.35  geraniol
440.42alpha- gurjunene
460.19beta- gurjunene
43traceiso italicene
500.45  ledene
550.42  ledol
5trace  limonene
110.15(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
510.62alpha- muurolene
480.18gamma- muurolene
28trace  myrtanol
271.35  myrtenal
60.25beta- phellandrene
370.06 phenyl propionic acid
10.37alpha- pinene
150.23alpha- pinene oxide
192.47trans- pinocarveol
221.11  pinocarvone
180.16(E)- rose oxide
240.70  terpinen-4-ol
3tracealpha- terpinene
90.35gamma- terpinene
260.30alpha- terpineol
140.43  terpinolene
100.353,5,5- trimethyl cyclohex-2-en-1-one
80.752,2,6- trimethyl cyclohexanone
490.16  valencene
290.19  verbenone
5612.81  viridiflorol
390.80alpha- ylangene

N. Mrabet, S. Zrira, M. M. Ismaili-Alaoui, H. Lahloa and B. Benjilali, Essential oils and resin gum from Moroccan Cistus, “Cistus ladaniferus L." Rivista Ital. EPPOS, (Numero Speciale), 622-630 (1997).

P&F 24, No. 4, 31, (1999)

citrus hystrix leaf oil
38tracedelta- cadinene
40trace  calamenene
4tracedelta-3- carene
310.16beta- caryophyllene
27traceiso caryophyllene
2281.49  citronellal
530.10  citronellic acid
438.22  citronellol
340.90  citronellyl acetate
240.06alpha- copaene
46trace  cubenol
47traceepi- cubenol
39tracear- curcumene
12tracepara- cymene
33trace2,6- dimethyl-5-heptenal
150.132,6- dimethyl-5-heptenol
30tracebeta- elemene
51trace  elemol
23trace4,8- epoxyterpinolene
440.31  geraniol
420.09  geranyl acetate
35trace  germacrene D
32tracealpha- humulene
52trace  indole
80.03  limonene
253.69  linalool
20trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
19trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
48tracepara- menthan-1,8-diol
17trace  menthone
18traceiso menthone
14trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
36tracealpha- muurolene
50.43  myrcene
41trace  neral
500.18(E)- nerolidol
45trace  neryl acetone
100.23beta- ocimene
6tracealpha- phellandrene
90.05beta- phellandrene
54trace  phytol
55traceiso phytol
10.06alpha- pinene
20.24beta- pinene
280.32iso pulegol
16trace rose oxide
31.57  sabinene
210.14(E)- sabinene hydrate
260.13(Z)- sabinene hydrate
490.24  safrole
290.20  terpinen-4-ol
70.03alpha- terpinene
110.07gamma- terpinene
130.05  terpinolene

A. Sato, K. Asano and T. Sato, The chemical composition of Citrus hystrix DC (Swangi), J. Essent. oil Res., 2, 179-163 ( 1990).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

cypress leaf oil algetian
32trace  borneol
24trace-0.13  bornyl acetate
25traceiso bornyl acetate
360.20-0.76delta-cadinene + gamma-cadinene
44tracealpha- cadinol
45tracedelta- cadinol
40.20-0.50  camphene
20trace  camphor
719.35-21.13delta-3- carene
38trace-0.08trans-carveol + (Z)-calamenene
260.14-0.35beta- caryophyllene
41trace  caryophyllene oxide
23trace-0.19alpha- cedrene
432.03-3.92  cedrol
19trace-0.06alpha- copaene
180.07-0.15alpha- cubebene
42trace  cubenol
39tracepara- cymen-8-ol
150.21-0.24para- cymene
480.10-0.28  dehydroabietane
30.73-0.81alpha- fenchene
17trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
30trace-0.23alpha- humulene
102.28-3.31  limonene
210.07-0.33  linalool
220.11-0.16  linalyl acetate
470.12-0.20  manoyl oxide
35trace-0.10alpha- muurolene
34trace-0.32gamma- muurolene
83.11-3.48 myrcene + alpha-phellandrene
28trace  myrtenal
37trace  myrtenol
13trace(E)-beta- ocimene
12trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
110.43-0.54beta-phellandrene + 1,8-cineole
247.00-52.76alpha- pinene
51.10-1.37beta- pinene
29tracetrans- pinocarveol
60.74-0.93  sabinene
460.26-0.95  sandracopimaradiene
270.35-1.01  terpinen-4-ol
90.22-0.26alpha- terpinene
140.41-0.51gamma- terpinene
16trace  terpinolene
334.10-6.47alpha- terpinyl acetate
310.42-1.03alpha- terpinyl formate
10.09-0.11  tricyclene
N. Chanegriha, A. Baaliouamer, B. Y. Melklati, J. Favre-Bonvin and S. Alamercey, Chemical composition of Algetian cypress essential oil, J, Essent, Oil, Res., 5(6), 671-674 (1993). P&F 20, No. 4, 29, (1995)
lavandin grosso oil
1trace  acetone
46tracebeta- bergamotene
620.10  bisabolene
780.40beta- bisabolol
592.89  borneol
490.24  bornyl acetate
180.04  butyl butyrate
100.01  butyl isobutyrate
350.10  butyl tiglate
660.25gamma- cadinene
770.20T- cadinol
70.33  camphene
4312.16  camphor
110.05delta-3- carene
64trace  carvone
522.73beta- caryophyllene
750.12beta- caryophyllene epoxide
1710.221,8- cineole
76trace  cubenol
680.02  cuminaldehyde
710.02para- cymen-8-ol
250.16para- cymene
690.03  epoxylinalyl acetate (2 isomers)
541.12beta- farnesene
6trace fenchene
330.01  fenchone
390.08iso fenchone
32trace  galbanolene (1,3(E),5(Z)-undecatriene)
700.23  geraniol
631.19  geranyl acetate
601.06  germacrene D
300.02  hexanol
19trace2- hexenal
380.05  hexyl 2-methyl butyrate
240.17  hexyl acetate
340.28  hexyl butyrate
290.04  hexyl isobutyrate
280.02  hexyl propionate
530.13  hexyl tiglate
560.17alpha- humulene
550.84  lavandulol
502.27  lavandulyl acetate
730.02  lavandulyl butyrate
74trace lavandulyl epoxide
160.93  limonene
4422.53  linalool
410.16(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
370.16(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
65trace(Z)- linalool oxide pyranoid
4526.18  linalyl acetate
72trace  linalyl hexanoate
20.05  methoxyhexane
150.145- methyl-3-heptanone
121.50  myrcene
670.05  nerol
610.13  neryl acetate
220.52(E)-beta- ocimene
201.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
27trace  octanal
230.043- octanone
360.121- octen-3-ol
310.261- octen-3-yl acetate
42trace  octyl acetate
130.07alpha- phellandrene
40.61alpha- pinene
80.44beta- pinene
480.19  plinol isomer (2-dimethyl-3-methyl ethenyl cyclopentanol)
90.14  sabinene
400.24  sabinene hydrate
470.21alpha- santalene
513.34  terpinen-4-ol
140.05alpha- terpinene
210.40gamma- terpinene
571.18alpha- terpineol
580.43gamma- terpineol
260.26  terpinolene
50.12alpha- thujene
30.01  tricyclene

R. Naef and A. F. Morris, Lavande-Lavandin. Une analyse comparative.. Rivista Ital. EPPOS, (Numnero Speciale), 365-377 (1992).

P&F 18, No. 2, 43, (1993)

melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil
390.29alpha- amorphene
331.61  aromadendrene
350.69allo- aromadendrene
400.13  bicyclogermacrene
360.511-epi- bicyclosesquiphellandrene
320.19alpha- bulnesene
440.30  cadina-1,4-diene
421.86delta- cadinene
430.27  calamenene
310.44beta- caryophyllene
11trace1,4- cineole
163.041,8- cineole
250.17alpha- copaene
260.09alpha- cubebene
490.52  cubenol
27tracepara- cymen-8-ol
94.96para- cymene
170.17alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
480.80  globulol
460.18epi- globulol
280.45alpha- gurjunene
29tracebeta- gurjunene
340.15gamma- gurjunene
8trace(-)- limonene
100.51(+)- limonene
18trace(-)- linalool
19trace(+)- linalool
30tracebeta- maaliene
38trace  methyl eugenol
370.26alpha- muurolene
40.46  myrcene
450.06  palustrol
5trace(-)-alpha- phellandrene
120.22(-)-beta- phellandrene
6trace(+)-alpha- phellandrene
20.18(-)-alpha- pinene
31.68(+)-alpha- pinene
20trace  sabinene hydrate
470.15  spathulenol
2213.13(-)- terpinen-4-ol
2124.73(+)- terpinen-4-ol
79.90alpha- terpinene
1421.15gamma- terpinene
230.69(-)-alpha- terpineol
242.03(+)-alpha- terpineol
153.18  terpinolene
10.44alpha- thujene
411.75  viridiflorene
500.58  viridiflorol

D. N. Leach, S. G. Wyllie, J. G. Hall and I. Kyratzis, Enantiomeric composition of the principal components of the oil of Melaleuca alternifolia. J. Agric. Food Sci., 41, 1627-1632 (1993).

P&F 22, No. 2, 59, (1997)

michelia champaca concrete
520.05iso amyl benzoate
360.035-amyl-3,4-dimethyl isoxazole
370.023-amyl-4,5-dimethyl isoxazole
244trace(E)- anethole
1400.03  benzaldehyde
730.10(E+Z)- benzaldoxime
1590.20  benzoic acid
2160.01 benzyl (Z)-3-hexenoate
212trace  benzyl 2-methyl butyrate
250.60  benzyl acetate
382.00  benzyl alcohol
901.00  benzyl benzoate
211trace  benzyl butyrate
210.10  benzyl formate
2130.03  benzyl isovalerate
240trace  benzyl methyl ether
2170.20  benzyl phenyl acetate
2180.10 benzyl phenyl propionate
209trace  benzyl propionate
2150.02  benzyl tiglate
2140.04  benzyl valerate
1220.10  borneol
2030.03  bornyl acetate
1680.01  bovolide
210trace  butyl benzoate
1010.03beta- caryophyllene
640.20  caryophyllene oxide
40.031,8- cineole
750.30  cinnamic alcohol
1430.02  cinnamic aldehyde
2510.01  cinnamic aldehyde oxime
256trace  cinnamonitrile
710.10(E)- cinnamyl acetate
2310.05  cinnamyl benzoate
2280.01  cinnamyl formate
2290.01  cinnamyl isovalerate
2300.05  cinnamyl tiglate
1720.01  coumarin
1340.02  creosol
133tracepara- cresol
570.04  cubenol
530.02epi- cubenol
139tracebeta- cyclocitral
169trace  decan-5-olide
1180.05  decanol
170trace(Z)-7- decen-5-olide
1540.10  dehydro-beta-ionone
155trace dehydro-beta-ionone 5,6-epoxide
910.053-oxo- dihydro-alpha-ionol
450.01  dihydro-alpha-ionone
870.103-oxo- dihydro-alpha-ionone
820.20(E+Z)-dihydro-alpha-ionone oxime
600.40  dihydro-beta-ionol
930.203-oxo- dihydro-beta-ionol
1290.01 dihydro-beta-ionol 5,6-epoxide
460.30  dihydro-beta-ionone
830.40(E+Z)-dihydro-beta-ionone oxime
500.02 dihydro-beta-ionyl formate
1710.03  dihydroactinidiolide
740.02  dihydrobovolide
610.037-oxo-dihydrotheaspirane a1
670.037-oxo-dihydrotheaspirane a2
620.027-oxo-dihydrotheaspirane b1
680.027-oxo-dihydrotheaspirane b2
120trace(E)-6,10- dimethyl-5,9-undecadien-2-ol
153trace2,3- epoxy-2,6,6-trimethyl cyclohexan-1,4-dione
1840.01  ethyl 2-hydroxy-3-methyl valerate
178trace  ethyl 2-methyl butyrate
179trace  ethyl 3-methyl butyrate
220.50  ethyl benzoate
1770.01  ethyl butyrate
181trace  ethyl caproate
196trace  ethyl caprylate
233trace  ethyl cinnamate
2380.03  ethyl nicotinate
183trace  ethyl tiglate
690.30  eugenol
770.10iso eugenol
430.80(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
1250.20(E,E)- farnesol
1380.01  geranial
1580.10  geranic acid
1240.02  geraniol
207trace  geranyl acetate
480.04(E)- geranyl acetone
206trace  geranyl formate
1270.30  geranyl linalool
1030.10  germacrene D
1490.012- heptadecanone
1070.01  heptanol
252trace  heptanonitrile
255trace  hexadecanonitrile
90.02  hexanol
106trace(E)-2- hexenal
100.01(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
70.01(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
192trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
1910.05(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl benzoate
189trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
188trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl formate
1900.02(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl tiglate
186trace  hexyl acetate
1870.05  hexyl benzoate
185trace  hexyl formate
102tracealpha- humulene
136tracepara- hydroxyanisole
784.00  indole
550.03(E)-beta- ionol
1560.054-oxo-beta- ionol
510.10alpha- ionol
128tracebeta- ionol 5,6-epoxide
470.03(E)-alpha- ionone
540.20(E)-beta- ionone
560.10beta-ionone 5,7-epoxide
860.50(E)-alpha-ionone oxime
890.90(E)-beta-ionone oxime
850.20(Z)-alpha-ionone oxime
880.30(Z)-beta-ionone oxime
208tracebeta-ionyl formate
490.05(Z)- jasmone
2490.02 jasmone oxime
3trace  limonene
160.80  linalool
120.20(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
350.20(E)- linalool oxide pyranoid
312.50(Z)- linalool oxide pyranoid
1631.00  linoleic acid
1640.50  linolenic acid
193trace  methyl (E)-2-hexenoate
260.02 methyl (E)-3-methyl-4-decenoate
800.14 methyl (E)-jasmonate
194trace  methyl (Z)-3-hexenoate
2010.01 methyl (Z)-3-methyl-4-decenoate
2000.02  methyl (Z)-4-decenoate
790.06  methyl (Z)-jasmonate
110.01  methyl 2-hydroxy-3-methyl butyrate
130.02 methyl 2-hydroxy-3-methyl valerate
1750.01  methyl 2-methyl butyrate
1760.01  methyl 3-methyl butyrate
2340.02  methyl 5-phenyl valerate
239trace4- methyl anisole
729.00  methyl anthranilate
175.00  methyl benzoate
1040.012- methyl butanol
105trace3- methyl butanol
140.02(E+Z)-2- methyl butyraldoxime
150.02(E+Z)-3- methyl butyraldoxime
174trace  methyl butyrate
1trace2- methyl butyronitrile
199trace  methyl caprinate
180trace  methyl caproate
1950.02  methyl caprylate
2320.05  methyl cinnamate
2420.10  methyl eugenol
2040.05  methyl geranate
173trace  methyl isobutyrate
2430.20  methyl isoeugenol
2500.02(Z)-methyl jasmonate oxime
2020.15  methyl laurate
942.01  methyl linoleate
960.50  methyl linolenate
2360.10  methyl N-acetyl anthranilate
650.02  methyl N-ethyl anthranilate
2370.10  methyl N-formyl anthranilate
630.05  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
280.15  methyl nicotinate
810.20  methyl palmitate
320.10  methyl phenyl acetate
340.15  methyl salicylate
920.20  methyl stearate
182trace  methyl tiglate
2350.01  methyl vanillate
5trace2- methyl-1-nitrobutane
146trace(E)-3- methyl-2-nonen-4-one
1190.02(E)-3- methyl-4-decen-1-ol
410.02(E)-3- methyl-4-decen-1-ol
580.043- methyl-5-(2,6,6-trimethyl cyclohex-1-en-1-yl) isoxazole
80.026- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
440.03(E+Z)-6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one oxime
99trace  myrcene
137trace  neral
1230.01  nerol
700.40(E)- nerolidol
205trace  neryl formate
590.101- nitro-2-phenethane
165trace  nonan-4-olide
1140.03  nonanol
1450.022- nonanone
2470.012- nonanone oxime
1170.02(Z,Z)-3,6- nonen-1-ol
115trace(Z)-3- nonen-1-ol
116trace(Z)-6- nonen-1-ol
1980.01(Z)-6- nonen-1-yl acetate
166trace2- nonen-4-olide
60.20(E)-beta- ocimene
1000.02(Z)-beta- ocimene
113trace(E,E)-2,4- octadien-1-ol
1080.05  octanol
1440.013- octanone
246trace3- octanone oxime
253trace  octanonitrile
110trace(E)-2- octen-1-ol
109trace(Z)-2- octen-1-ol
1110.01(Z)-5- octen-1-ol
1970.05(Z)-5- octen-1-yl acetate
1610.20  palmitic acid
1480.012- pentadecanone
390.302- phenethyl acetate
4230.002- phenethyl alcohol
950.502- phenethyl benzoate
2200.012- phenethyl butyrate
2230.052- phenethyl caproate
2240.052- phenethyl caprylate
330.302- phenethyl formate
219trace2- phenethyl isobutyrate
2210.022- phenethyl isovalerate
241trace2- phenethyl methyl ether
2250.202- phenethyl phenyl acetate
2220.022- phenethyl tiglate
132trace  phenol
1410.02  phenyl acetaldehyde
761.00(E+Z)- phenyl acetaldoxime
230.01(E+Z)-phenyl acetaldoxime-O-methyl ether
1600.20  phenyl acetic acid
142trace  phenyl propionaldehyde
2270.053- phenyl propyl acetate
1310.023- phenyl propyl alcohol
2260.053- phenyl propyl formate
1260.30  phytol
97tracealpha- pinene
20.01beta- pinene
98trace  sabinene
245trace  safrole
1620.50  stearic acid
1210.03  terpinen-4-ol
270.10alpha- terpineol
254trace  tetradecanonitrile
190.021,2,5,5-tetramethyl octahydroquinoline
290.202,5,5,8a- tetramethyl-6,7,8,8a-tetrahydro-1(5H)-1-benzopyran
180.02  theaspirane A
200.02  theaspirane B
1470.022- tridecanone
1520.012,6,6- trimethyl cyclohexan-1,4-dione
1500.206,10,14- trimethyl pentadecan-2-one
2480.056,10,14-trimethyl pentadecan-2-one oxime
1510.052,6,6- trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1,4-dione
240.012- undecanone
135tracepara- vinyl phenol

R. Kaiser, New volatile constituents of the flower concrete of Michelia champaca L. In: Proceedings of 11th International Congress of Essential Oils, Fragrances and Flavours. Edits., S. C. Bhattacharyya, N. Sen and K. L. Sethi, p. 1-13, Oxford & IBH Publishing Co., Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi (1989).

P&F 25, No. 4, 55, (2000)

microstrobos niphophilus leaf oil australia
161.00  bicyclogermacrene
170.60delta- cadinene
240.70T- cadinol
272.10alpha- cadinol
40.90  camphene
180.60  citronellol
200.20epi- cubenol
190.30  cubenol
120.10para- cymene
3trace fenchene
150.30  germacrene D
210.40  globulol
930.50  limonene
250.80T- muurolol
260.30alpha- muurolol
720.80  myrcene
100.70beta- phellandrene
226.90alpha- pinene
50.90beta- pinene
60.80  sabinene
233.60  spathulenol
80.50alpha- terpinene
110.70gamma- terpinene
140.40alpha- terpineol
130.50  terpinolene
10.80  tricyclene
220.30  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 108, (2001)
ocimum basilicum herb oil
186.76(E)-alpha- bergamotene
20trace  bisabolene
211.15gamma- cadinene
2618.14T- cadinol
6trace  camphor
1748.70beta- caryophyllene
241.25  caryophyllene oxide
40.431,8- cineole
130.99alpha- copaene
252.46  cubenol
29trace  docosene
150.96beta- elemene
11tracedelta- elemene
124.00  eugenol
31trace henitriacontane
27trace  hexadecene
196.00alpha- humulene
90.55  lavandulyl acetate
51.55  linalool
80.68  methyl chavicol
142.50(E)- methyl cinnamate
10trace(Z)- methyl cinnamate
160.61  methyl eugenol
30trace  nonacosane
28trace  octadecene
10.16alpha- pinene
30.25beta- pinene
20.10  sabinene
231.50  spathulenol
70.16alpha- terpineol
32trace  tritriacotane

P. Pallado, G. Tassinato, M. D'AIpaos and P. Traldi, Gas chromatography/mass spectmetry in aroma chemistry: a comparison of essential oils and flavours extracted by classical and supercritical techniques. Rapid Commun, Mass Spectro., 11, 1335-3341 (1997).

P&F 23, No. 6, 53, (1998)

ocimum basilicum leaf oil CO2 extract
189.60(E)-alpha- bergamotene
20trace  bisabolene
214.12gamma- cadinene
265.79T- cadinol
60.46  camphor
171.08beta- caryophyllene
24trace  caryophyllene oxide
44.801,8- cineole
139.68alpha- copaene
251.08  cubenol
29trace  docosene
15tracebeta- elemene
11tracedelta- elemene
1212.40  eugenol
31trace henitriacontane
27trace  hexadecene
190.62alpha- humulene
90.78  lavandulyl acetate
532.00  linalool
811.40  methyl chavicol
141.40(E)- methyl cinnamate
101.70(Z)- methyl cinnamate
161.40  methyl eugenol
30trace  nonacosane
28trace  octadecene
1tracealpha- pinene
30.14beta- pinene
2trace  sabinene
230.62  spathulenol
70.93alpha- terpineol
32trace  tritriacotane

P. Pallado, G. Tassinato, M. D'AIpaos and P. Traldi, Gas chromatography/mass spectmetry in aroma chemistry: a comparison of essential oils and flavours extracted by classical and supercritical techniques. Rapid Commun, Mass Spectro., 11, 1335-3341 (1997).

P&F 23, No. 6, 53, (1998)

ocimum basilicum var. glabratum oil turkey
243.08(E)-alpha- bergamotene
191.08  bornyl acetate
291.51gamma- cadinene
313.06T- cadinol
30.10  camphene
160.58  camphor
230.17beta- caryophyllene
116.871,8- cineole
300.47  cubenol
9tracepara- cymene
220.30beta- elemene
280.24(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
271.00  germacrene D
250.46alpha- humulene
10trace  limonene
1543.73  linalool
140.60(E)- linalool oxide
130.39(Z)- linalool oxide
2127.28(E)- methyl cinnamate
204.63(Z)- methyl cinnamate
260.21gamma- muurolene
60.18  myrcene
7tracealpha- phellandrene
20.43alpha- pinene
50.53beta- pinene
40.14  sabinene
17trace  terpinen-4-ol
8tracealpha- terpinene
12tracegamma- terpinene
180.63alpha- terpineol
1tracealpha- thujene

M. J, Perez-Alomo, A, Velwco-Negueruela, M. D. Dwa, M. Harmanda and J. L. Estaben, Composition of the essential oils of Ocimum basilicum var. glabratum and Rosmarinus officinalis from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 73-75 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 6, 53, (1998)

pelargonium capitatum l. l'hér. ex aiton oil cuba
50.10  borneol
150.80beta- bourbonene
282.40alpha- bulnesene
471.00  cadalene
290.10gamma- cadinene
322.60delta- cadinene
450.20alpha- cadinol
340.30alpha- calacorene
350.10beta- calacorene
310.20(Z)- calamenene
183.20beta- caryophyllene
3814.70  caryophyllene oxide
825.60  citronellol
120.10  citronellyl acetate
102.50  citronellyl formate
140.20alpha- copaene
130.10alpha- cubebene
300.60  cubebol
430.60  cubenol
160.70beta- elemene
530.80  ethyl hexadecanoate
203.00(Z)-beta- farnesene
490.40(Z,E)- farnesol
510.20(E,E)- farnesol
520.40(Z,E)- farnesyl acetate
91.90  geraniol
360.10  geranyl butyrate
230.30  geranyl propionate
251.80  germacrene D
390.10  gleenol
197.20alpha- guaiene
270.20(Z)-beta- guaiene
210.70alpha- humulene
401.80  humulene oxide II
460.5014- hydroxy-9-epi-beta-caryophyllene
410.40(E)-sesqui lavandulol
10.10  linalool
170.10  longifolene
40.30iso menthone
240.10gamma- muurolene
420.40epi-alpha- muurolol
500.40(E)- nerolidol acetate
480.90(Z)- nerolidyl acetate
220.60alpha- patchoulene
25.50(Z)- rose oxide
34.50(E)- rose oxide
440.40  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
260.30beta- selinene
372.00  spathulenol
60.40  terpinen-4-ol
70.20alpha- terpineol
110.10  thymol
333.60 unknown MW 218
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 21, (2001)
piper cubeba fruit oil
291.67allo- aromadendrene
521.39(E)- asarone
480.37  bisabolol
37tracedelta- cadinene
39trace  calamenene
150.04  camphor
20trace  carvone
271.69beta- caryophyllene
254.01alpha- copaene
231.65alpha- cubebene
264.39beta- cubebene
3815.18  cubebol
490.56  cubenol
190.01  cuminaldehyde
31tracegamma- curcumene
70.59para- cymene
470.16  dillapiole
220.10delta- elemene
41trace  elemicin
500.39(E)-iso elemicin
400.32  elemol
36tracealpha- farnesene
53trace  farnesol
322.89  germacrene D
440.77  germacrene D-4-ol
461.76  globulol
510.06  guaiol
280.45alpha- humulene
420.20  ledol
84.41  limonene
143.22  linalool
33trace  methyl isoeugenol
350.62alpha- muurolene
304.20gamma- muurolene
31.15  myrcene
34trace  myristicin
18trace  myrtenol
431.45(E)- nerolidol
90.07(E)-beta- ocimene
50.81(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.58alpha- phellandrene
60.76beta- phellandrene
15.44alpha- pinene
228.09  sabinene
13trace(E)- sabinene hydrate
112.73(Z)- sabinene hydrate
210.08  safrole
45trace  spathulenol
162.69  terpinen-4-ol
101.14gamma- terpinene
170.30alpha- terpineol
120.31  terpinolene
240.07alpha- ylangene

N. B. Shankaracharya, L. Jaganmohan Reo, S. Nagalakshmi and J. Puranaik, Studies on the chemical composition of cubeb (Piper cubeba Linn.). PAFAI J., 17(1), 33-39 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 4, 68, (2001)

polyalthia michaelii leaf oil australia
90.20  bicycloelemene
234.00  bicyclogermacrene
110.20beta- bourbonene
250.40gamma- cadinene
240.80delta- cadinene
20.60delta-3- carene
151.70beta- caryophyllene
263.40  caryophyllene oxide
100.20alpha- copaene
70.20alpha- cubebene
120.20beta- cubebene
270.30  cubenol
5tracepara- cymene
140.60beta- elemene
80.40delta- elemene
160.10gamma- elemene
200.70  germacrene D
282.40  globulol
180.50alpha- humulene
40.10  limonene
3trace  myrcene
10.30alpha- pinene
210.40beta- selinene
220.40alpha- selinene
3042.20  spathulenol
6trace  terpinolene
130.20 unknown a
170.30 unknown b
190.90 unknown c
290.80  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 5, (2001)
salvia sclarea oil spain
6trace  amyl butyrate
390.52  bicyclogermacrene
150.12  borneol
241.11  bornyl acetate
300.27beta- bourbonene
350.14alpha- cadinene
420.22gamma- cadinene
511.10alpha- cadinol
45tracebeta- calacorene
440.77(Z)-calamenene + germacrene B
2trace  camphene
334.80beta- caryophyllene
470.99  caryophyllene oxide
320.14alpha- cedrene
70.831,8-cineole + limonene
260.36alpha- cubebene
480.16  cubenol
280.27beta- damascenone
180.11  dihydrocarveol
310.43beta- elemene
25tracedelta- elemene
500.73beta- eudesmol
410.27(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
360.14(Z)-beta- farnesene
220.93  geranial
201.12  geraniol
291.62  geranyl acetate
230.25  geranyl formate
377.57  germacrene D
340.14beta- gurjunene
1432.97  linalool
12trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
11trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
2116.85  linalyl acetate
540.55  manool
52trace  manoyl oxide
531.1413-epi- manoyl oxide
400.40alpha- muurolene
490.42alpha- muurolol
51.61  myrcene
190.72  nerol
43trace(Z)- nerolidol
271.17  neryl acetate
90.94(E)-beta- ocimene
80.58(Z)-beta- ocimene
10.30alpha- pinene
40.41beta- pinene
3trace  sabinene
550.45  sclareol
460.12  spathulenol
16trace  terpinen-4-ol
10tracegamma- terpinene
175.63alpha- terpineol
130.37  terpinolene
382.84  valencene

M. E. Torres, A. Velasco-Negueruela, M. J. Perez-Alonso and M. G. Pinilla, Volatile constituents of two Salvia species grown wild in Spain. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 27-33 (1997).

P&F 25, No. 4, 55, (2000)

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