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Odor Descriptors for pepper bell pepper
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Primary (First) - pepper bell pepper
FL/FR acetaldehyde butyl phenethyl acetal
 odor: green leafy vegetable
 flavor: green pepper
FL2-isobutyl pyridine
 odor: strong aromatic bell pepper
FL(E)-2-hexenal diethyl acetal
 odor: green pepper dry rooty fatty spicy celery caraway
 flavor: overripe fruit winey
FLgreen pepper distillates
 odor: cooked pepper bell pepper
 flavor: green pepper
FLgreen pepper extract
 odor: roasted green pepper
 flavor: pepper bell pepper
FL/FRgreen pepper oil
 odor: green bell pepper
 flavor: pepper bell pepper
Secondary (Second) - pepper bell pepper
 odor: green pea green bell pepper green pea galbanum
 flavor: green bell pepper green pea galbanum
FL/FR4-butyl-5-methyl thiazole
 odor: green bell pepper
FL/FR cortex pyridine
 odor: fresh green weedy cortex nasturtium metallic
 flavor: Green, vegetative, green and jalapeno pepper-like with some savory metallic nuances
FL/FR curry leaf absolute
 odor: fresh leafy green pepper spicy
 flavor: curry
FL green pea pyrazine
 odor: earthy bell pepper raw potato galbanum
 odor: grapefruit green pepper
FL2-methoxy-3-propyl pyrazine
 odor: earthy bell pepper raw potato galbanum
FL/FR shoyu pyrazine
 odor: Raw nutty and green pepper
 flavor: Musty, raw, slight nutty, slight radish
Tertiary (Third) - pepper bell pepper
FR marine hexane
 odor: fresh outdoors green bell pepper ozone marine
FL2-(5-isopropyl-2-methyltetrahydro-2-thiophenyl)ethyl acetate
 odor: tropical strawberry bell pepper
 flavor: green cooked strawberry tropical
Quaternary (Fourth) - pepper bell pepper
 odor: raw potato earthy bell pepper nutty
FR flower hexene
 odor: green fresh floral pear bell pepper tropical radish
FL/FR galbanum decatriene
 odor: fresh green greasy resin galbanum green pepper
 flavor: Green, vegetative, waxy, cucumber, chicken, fatty and fried notes
 odor: fatty raw green cucumber green pepper fruity watermelon
 flavor: Fresh green waxy melon with fruity pear notes
FL2-pentyl pyridine
 odor: fatty tallow green pepper mushroom herbal
 odor: waxy, slight green, soapy and fatty with cilantro and chicken like notes and nuances of cucumber, herbs and citrus lemon
 flavor: Waxy, green, leafy vegetative with oxidized and reheated beef and chicken fat
Quinary (Fifth) - pepper bell pepper
 odor: Musty, green, vegetative, nutty, peppery and potato-like
 flavor: Musty, vegetative, potato, galbanum, fishy and earthy
FL/FR galbanum resinoid
 odor: rich green woody balsam dry green pepper foliage
 flavor: galbanum
Senary (Sixth) - pepper bell pepper
FL/FR galbanum oleoresin
 odor: green woody balsam resin leafy green pepper
 flavor: galbanum
Septenary (Seventh) - pepper bell pepper
Octonary (Eighth) - pepper bell pepper
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