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Odor Descriptors for greasy
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Primary (First) - greasy
FL(E)-4-octenoic acid
Secondary (Second) - greasy
FR citrus carbaldehyde
 odor: citrus greasy aldehydic floral marine
FL/FR galbanum decatriene
 odor: fresh green greasy resin galbanum green pepper
 flavor: Green, vegetative, waxy, cucumber, chicken, fatty and fried notes
FR linseed oil absolute
 odor: fatty greasy oily
FL(Z)-5-octenoic acid
 phoebe oil brazil
 odor: smoky greasy woody
FR sandalrome
 odor: woody sandalwood greasy oily waxy
Tertiary (Third) - greasy
FL/FR hexadecanol
 odor: waxy clean greasy floral oily
 flavor: waxy clean laundered cloth greasy oily fatty
Quaternary (Fourth) - greasy
FL diethyl disulfide
 odor: gassy ripe onion greasy garlic
 flavor: gassy onion
FR exaltone (Firmenich)
 odor: powdery musk animal natural greasy
Quinary (Fifth) - greasy
FL costus root oil
 odor: orris green hairy woody unripe melons
 flavor: costus
FR violet dienyne
 odor: green violet leaf floral violet greasy tropical fruity chicken coup
Senary (Sixth) - greasy
FL/FR amber naphthofuran
 odor: dry woody amber ambergris musk sweet
 flavor: amber old wood tobacco powdery dry ambergris animal
FL/FR methyl jasmonate
 odor: jasmin flower oily green petal soft greasy
 flavor: floral fruity magnolia green jasmin oily kiwi melon
Septenary (Seventh) - greasy
FR cyclamen homoaldehyde
 odor: floral muguet lily green tropical oily greasy marine balsamic
FR mastic gum resin
 odor: balsam resinous incense amber woody olibanum greasy
Octonary (Eighth) - greasy
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