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Odor Descriptors for dusty
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Primary (First) - dusty
FR3-methyl-4-pentyl oxybutyraldehyde
 odor: dusty, metallic, and aldehydic notes
 odor: dusty woody fresh green sour spicy herbal fruity animal
FR tobacarol (IFF)
 odor: dusty amber woody nutmeg tobacco
FR woody furan
 odor: dry dusty woody amber animal
Secondary (Second) - dusty
FR amber dioxane
 odor: dry dusty woody mahogany amber resinous earthy floral
FR bean hexene
 odor: fresh green dusty weedy cortex green bean tomato leaf
FL benzyl isothiocyanate
 odor: mild watercress dusty medicinal horseradish oily
 flavor: spicy green plastic horseradish watercress nasturtium capers
 odor: mushroom dusty oily
 odor: woody dusty
 odor: musty dusty
 odor: musty dusty
Tertiary (Third) - dusty
FR4-allyl-1,4-dimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)octan-3-one
 odor: amber, fruity, dusty, and musty notes
FR amber formate
 odor: dry woody amber dusty powdery
FR cedryl methyl ether
 odor: dry ambergris woody dusty
FL/FR citronellyl benzoate
 odor: verbena rose dryed rose petals
FR2-cyclohexyl propionaldehyde
 odor: natural fresh green pollen
FL/FR ethyl citronellate
 odor: fruity dry dusty citrus sweet licorice rose spicy fennel
 flavor: sweet dusty dry anise licorice fennel weedy
FR linalool terpenes
 odor: fresh citronellol sweet rose woody dusty
Quaternary (Fourth) - dusty
FL/FR methyl citronellate
 odor: floral dry weedy dusty waxy geranium fatty fruity winey
 flavor: floral waxy tea bergamot rose winey weedy
FL/FR petitgrain absolute morocco
 odor: petitgrain floral orangeflower green dusty citrus
 flavor: petitgrain
Quinary (Fifth) - dusty
FR amber decane
 odor: woody cedar ambergris dry dusty amber
FR ambrene acetal
 odor: woody cedar amber dry dusty ambergris
FR2-decalinyl acetate
 odor: woody floral fruity herbal dusty
FR leather cyclohexanol
 odor: leather red rose green dusty weedy metallic
Senary (Sixth) - dusty
 odor: sweet waxy citrus floral balsamic dry dusty powdery spicy
 flavor: sweet floral grassy balsamic citrus waxy fatty spicy terpenic
FL/FR nonanol
 odor: fresh clean fatty floral rose orange dusty wet oily
 flavor: waxy citrus rue aldehydic orange oily fatty spicy
Septenary (Seventh) - dusty
FL/FR sunflower oil
 odor: orris oily woody waxy spicy floral dusty acacia
 flavor: orris oily spicy woody floral dusty waxy herbal
Octonary (Eighth) - dusty
FL/FR ethyl 3-hydroxyhexanoate
 odor: fruity grape burnt wood hay spicy pineapple cranberry dusty woody
 flavor: sweet fruity tropical grape grassy hay cranberry citrus
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