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Odor Descriptors for brandy
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Primary (First) - brandy
Secondary (Second) - brandy
FL acetaldehyde butyl ethyl acetal
 odor: winey brandy rummy
FL/FR butyl acetoacetate
 odor: sweet fruity brandy fermented
FL/FRisobutyl acetoacetate
 odor: sweet wine brandy fruity
 flavor: sweet fruity
FL/FRisobutyl decanoate
 odor: oily sweet brandy apricot fermented cognac
FL/FR heptyl decanoate
 odor: winey brandy cognac
FL/FR hexyl nonanoate
 odor: brandy green vegetable fruity
2-pentyl isovalerate
 odor: apple brandy cool fruity metallic
Tertiary (Third) - brandy
FL/FR amyl lactate
 odor: fruity cognac brandy
FL strawberry furanone ethyl ether
 odor: caramellic fruity brandy strawberry
Quaternary (Fourth) - brandy
FL/FR butyl formate
 odor: fruity plum rum brandy
FL/FR hexyl valerate
 odor: oily fruity green brandy
Quinary (Fifth) - brandy
FR fig crotonate
 odor: waxy fruity green date fig prune grape skin
Senary (Sixth) - brandy
FL/FR ethyl decanoate
 odor: sweet waxy fruity apple grape oily brandy
 flavor: Waxy, fruity, sweet apple
Septenary (Seventh) - brandy
FL/FR fusel oil
 odor: Sweet, alcoholic, woody, with an etherial brown fruity nuance
 flavor: Fruity, alcoholic, sweet, apple with a brown fermented nuance
FL propionaldehyde
 odor: Ethereal, pungent, chocking with earthy, alcoholic wine lees-like with a whiskey and brandy impact and cocoa nutty and slightly meaty nuance on dryout with a grape like nuance
 flavor: Musty, yeasty, ethereal, nutty and vegetative with nuances of potato, blue cheese, grape, banana, apple, broccoli, almond and chocolate
FL quercus alba chips extract
 odor: Woody, alcoholic, brown, smoky, whiskey and brandy with a spicy nuance
 flavor: Alcoholic, woody, oak, smoky, whiskey and rum
FL/FR rum ether
 odor: Empyromatic, acidic, woody, burnt, with meaty and whiskey notes
 flavor: Burnt, smoky, woody, caramellic with rum and brandy notes
Octonary (Eighth) - brandy
FL/FR ethyl octanoate
 odor: fruity wine waxy sweet apricot banana brandy pear
 flavor: waxy fruity winey pineapple creamy fatty soapy cognac
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