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Flavor Descriptors for brandy
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Primary (First) - brandy
FL brandy flavor
FLcherry brandy flavor
FLcoffee brandy flavor
FLkirshwasser brandy flavor
Secondary (Second) - brandy
FLapricot brandy flavor
FLblackberry brandy flavor
FLorange brandy flavor
FLpeach brandy flavor
FLrum brandy flavor
Tertiary (Third) - brandy
Quaternary (Fourth) - brandy
 odor: ethereal spicy green grassy aldehydic cooked apple cognac woody
 flavor: Green, fruity, apple skin, brandy and cider-like
FL/FR octanoic acid
 odor: fatty waxy rancid oily vegetable cheesy
 flavor: rancid soapy cheesy fatty brandy
Quinary (Fifth) - brandy
Senary (Sixth) - brandy
FL/FR rum ether
 odor: Empyromatic, acidic, woody, burnt, with meaty and whiskey notes
 flavor: Burnt, smoky, woody, caramellic with rum and brandy notes
Septenary (Seventh) - brandy
Octonary (Eighth) - brandy
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