Typical G.C. analysis

allium fistulosum oil cuba
240.602,3- dihydro-2-octyl-5-methyl furan-3-one
10.30  dimethyl disulfide
130.50  dimethyl tetrasulfide
40.402,4- dimethyl thiophene
76.70  dimethyl trisulfide
830.60  dipropyl disulfide
250.70  dipropyl pentasulfide
201.50  dipropyl tetrasulfide
1512.30  dipropyl trisulfide
20.40(E)-2- hexenal
62.60  methyl 2-propenyl disulfide
182.40 methyl pentyl tetrasulfide
53.10  methyl propyl disulfide
1012.00  methyl propyl trisulfide
280.10  palmitic acid
95.90(E)-1- propenyl propyl disulfide
270.10(E)-1-propenyl propyl pentasulfide
261.80(Z)-1-propenyl propyl pentasulfide
230.90(E)-1- propenyl propyl tetrasulfide
223.40(Z)-1- propenyl propyl tetrasulfide
121.10(E)-1- propenyl propyl trisulfide
172.10(E)-1- propenyl propyl trisulfide
110.90(Z)-1- propenyl propyl trisulfide
161.30(Z)-1- propenyl propyl trisulfide
213.80  propyl 2-propenyl tetrasulfide
141.60  propyl 2-propenyl trisulfide
3<0.10  propyl disulfide
191.102- tridecanone
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 5, 553, (2000)
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