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Flavor Descriptors for tart
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Primary (First) - tart
FL anacardium occidentale fruit puree
 odor: Fruity and tropical, reminiscent of apricot and mango, with a unique green grape-like nuance
 flavor: Tangy, tropical, apricot, mango and guava with a deep orange color and a hint of green character
FL aristotelia chilensis fruit juice
 flavor: tart sweet
CS aristotelia chilensis leaf extract
 flavor: tart sweet
FL carambole flavor
FL mangosteen flavor
FL maqui flavor
FL rhubarb distillates
 flavor: rhubarb
FL rhubarb flavor
FL rhubarb juice concentrate
 flavor: rhubarb
FL sea buckthorn flavor
FL tartaric acid
 flavor: tart acidic
FLdextro,laevo-tartaric acid
 odor: very mild caramellic
 flavor: tart acidic
FLlaevo-(+)-tartaric acid
 flavor: tart acidic
FL yumberry flavor
Secondary (Second) - tart
FL cloudberry flavor
FL cranberry distillates
 flavor: cranberry
FL cranberry flavor
FL cranberry fractions
 flavor: cranberry
FL/FR diethyl succinate
 odor: mild fruity cooked apple ylang
 flavor: fruity tart tropical floral passion fruit
FL elder berry flavor
FL loganberry flavor
FL/FR punica granatum fruit water
 odor: pomegranate
 flavor: pomegranate
FL rosa canina seed extract
 odor: caramel woody cocoa
 flavor: floral tart tangy sweet hibiscus
FL tomato distillates
 flavor: tropical tart acidic green fruity vegetable earthy umami
FL tomato flavor
Tertiary (Third) - tart
FL acai flavor
FL acai fruit distillates
 flavor: fruity berry
FL acai fruit juice concentrate
FL apple concentrate
 flavor: apple fruity tart sour
FL apple distillates
 flavor: apple
FL apple flavor
FLdelicious apple flavor
FLfuji apple flavor
FLgala apple flavor
FLgolden delicious apple flavor
FLgranny smith apple flavor
FLmcintosh apple flavor
FLpippin apple flavor
FL/FR ethyl 3-hexenoate
 odor: fruity pineapple green tart candy metallic tropical rhubarb weedy cheesy
 flavor: fruity green tart pineapple tropical winey grape quince
FL grenadine flavor
FL huckleberry flavor
FL lingonberry flavor
FL mulberry flavor
FL/FRsweet orange peel oil folded
 odor: sweet fresh juicy tangy orange peel citrus
 flavor: sweet juicy orange fresh peel
FL peach distillates
 flavor: fruity juicy tart lactonic creamy dried fruit peely waxy
FL peach flavor
FL sauerkraut flavor
FL/FR tropical trithiane
 odor: Sulfurous, burnt meaty, green, fruity, blackcurrant, black berry, cooling, catty and tropical with a grapefruit nuance
 flavor: Fruity, sulfureous, tangy berry, with cooling catty minty blackcurrant and tropical nuances
Quaternary (Fourth) - tart
FL apple cranberry flavor
FLred delicious apple flavor
FLsour apple flavor
FL apple juice flavor
FL citrus flavor
FL ketchup flavor
FL kumquat flavor
FL lemon flavor
FL/FRmeyer lemon oil cold pressed
 odor: fresh lemon lemon peel sweet citrus aldehydic terpenic aromatic tart spicy candy
 flavor: citrus lemon lemon peel aldehydic terpenic tart sour fatty
FL lime flavor
FL limequat flavor
FL plum flavor
FL tamarind flavor
Quinary (Fifth) - tart
FLgreen apple concentrate
 flavor: green apple
FLgreen apple flavor
FL apple sauce flavor
FL apple spice flavor
FL/FR lemon oil c.p. california
 odor: fresh citrus lemon peel sweet aldehydic terpenic aromatic tart spicy candy
 flavor: citrus lemon aldehydic terpenic tart aromatic sour
FL/FR zanthoxylum piperitum fruit absolute CO2 extract
 odor: spicy fresh allspice bay citrus mandarin bergamot oriental metallic
 flavor: spicy allspice citrus bergamot tart zesty acetic bay warm
Senary (Sixth) - tart
FL apricot flavor
FL prunus spinosa extract
 odor: berry, plum, sweet, acidic and sour with a juicy nuance
 flavor: Berry, fruity, raspberry, blueberry and juicy with a tart and sour aftertaste
FL sloeberry flavor
Septenary (Seventh) - tart
FL/FR dimethyl succinate
 odor: estery fruity green floral rummy tutti frutti bubble gum papaya
 flavor: fruity green rummy winey cognac sour tart waxy
FL grape flavor
FL kiwi flavor
Octonary (Eighth) - tart
FL ethyl (E)-2-octenoate
 odor: fruity pear skin green waxy tropical plum skin fatty
 flavor: fruity green pear skin waxy pineapple tropical plum skin tart
FL/FR lemon oil c.p. furocoumarin reduced
 odor: fresh citrus lemon peel aldehydic terpenic tart aromatic candy
 flavor: citrus lemon candy lemon peel aldehydic terpenic aromatic tart
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