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Odor Descriptors for tart
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Primary (First) - tart
FL althaea officinalis root extract
 odor: tea herbal fruity
 flavor: creamy marshmallow
Secondary (Second) - tart
FR cranberry fragrance
FR elder berry fragrance
FL/FR3,6-ivy carbaldehyde
 odor: green tart citrus herbal cortex aldehydic
 flavor: green aldehydic herbal citrus rind grassy privet asparagus clover
FL/FR punica granatum fruit water
 odor: pomegranate
 flavor: pomegranate
FR rhubarb fragrance
FL/FR yuzu peel oil
 odor: tany citrus
 flavor: yuzu
Tertiary (Third) - tart
FR apple fragrance
FR apple specialty
 odor: fresh apple
FL/FRsweet orange peel oil folded
 odor: sweet fresh juicy tangy orange peel citrus
 flavor: sweet juicy orange fresh peel
Quaternary (Fourth) - tart
FR apple cranberry fragrance
FR citrus fragrance
FR huckleberry fragrance
FR kumquat fragrance
FR lemon oil replacer
 odor: fresh lemon
FR3-methyl-4-heptyl oxybutyraldehyde
 odor: aldehydic, citrus, orange, tangy, juicy, and zesty notes
Quinary (Fifth) - tart
FRgreen apple fragrance
FR apple spice fragrance
FR apricot specialty
 odor: apricot
FL/FR2,4-ivy carbaldehyde
 odor: green aldehydic leafy cortex tart floral peely
 flavor: green leafy aldehydic fresh nasturtium cortex grassy
FR lemon fragrance
FL/FR lemon oil c.p. california
 odor: fresh lemon peel sweet citrus aldehydic terpenic aromatic tart spicy candy
 flavor: citrus lemon
FL/FR lemon specialty
 odor: lemon
Senary (Sixth) - tart
FR kiwi fragrance
FR kiwi specialty
 odor: kiwi
FR lime fragrance
FL/FR lime oil distilled mexico
 odor: fresh lime sweet floral aldehydic terpene cologne tart woody
 flavor: Lime, waxy, candy peely with a citral and terpy nuance
FR lime oil replacer
 odor: lime terpenic
FR lime specialty
 odor: citrus lime
Septenary (Seventh) - tart
FR apricot fragrance
Octonary (Eighth) - tart
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