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Flavor Descriptors for raspberry
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Primary (First) - raspberry
FLraspberry cookie flavor
FL/FR heptyl isobutyrate
 odor: Sweet, slightly green, fruity estery with pineapple, apple, cherry, apricot, and peach nuances
 flavor: Raspberry, pineapple fruity with citrus orange and green winey nuances
FLblack raspberry lemonade flavor
FLraspberry lemonade flavor
FL raspberries & cream flavor
FL raspberry almond flavor
FL raspberry apple flavor
FL raspberry black currant flavor
FL raspberry blackberry flavor
FL raspberry boysenberry flavor
FL raspberry cranberry flavor
FL raspberry cream flavor
FLblack raspberry cream flavor
FLblack raspberry currant flavor
FL/FR raspberry distillates
 flavor: raspberry
FLred raspberry distillates
 flavor: raspberry
FL raspberry enhancer
 flavor: raspberry
FL/FR raspberry essence
 odor: raspberry
 flavor: raspberry
FL/FRblack raspberry essence
 odor: black raspberry
 flavor: black raspberry
FL/FRred raspberry essence
 odor: red raspberry
 flavor: red raspberry
FL raspberry flavor
FLblack raspberry flavor
FLblue raspberry flavor
FLred raspberry flavor
FLsour raspberry flavor
FLwild raspberry flavor
FL raspberry flavor for chocolate
FL raspberry flavor key
 flavor: raspberry
FL raspberry hazelnut flavor
FL/FR raspberry infusions
 odor: raspberry
 flavor: raspberry
FLblack raspberry juice concentrate
 flavor: black raspberry
FLred raspberry juice concentrate
 flavor: red raspberry
FL/FR raspberry ketone methyl ether
 odor: sweet dried raspberry rose cherry fruity cassie absolute
 flavor: Floral, woody, ionone, raspberry, fruity, spice and berry
FL raspberry lime flavor
FL raspberry loganberry flavor
FL raspberry mango flavor
FL raspberry pear flavor
FLblack raspberry puree
 flavor: raspberry
FLred raspberry puree
 flavor: raspberry
FLblack raspberry puree concentrate
 flavor: raspberry
FLred raspberry puree concentrate
 flavor: raspberry
FL raspberry rumba flavor
FL raspberry sherbet flavor
FL raspberry tomato flavor
FL raspberry vanilla flavor
FL rubus idaeus fruit extract
 odor: raspberry
 flavor: raspberry
FL rubus idaeus fruit juice
 flavor: raspberry
FL rubus idaeus fruit water
 flavor: raspberry
Secondary (Second) - raspberry
FL apple raspberry flavor
FL blackberry raspberry flavor
FL brambleberry flavor
FL/FR(S)-campholene acetate
 odor: sweet fresh lavender, floral, berry note with fine woody undertone
 flavor: jammy raspberry
FL chocolate raspberry creme flavor
FL chocolate raspberry flavor
FLwhite chocolate raspberry flavor
FLwhite chocolate raspberry truffle flavor
FL coconut raspberry flavor
FL cranberry raspberry flavor
FL cranberry raspberry lime flavor
FL goji raspberry flavor
FL passion fruit raspberry flavor
FL plum raspberry flavor
FLraspberry tea flavor
FLgreen tea raspberry flavor
Tertiary (Third) - raspberry
FL/FRbeta-ionyl acetate
 odor: sweet berry raspberry violet jam woody
 flavor: Woody, slightly floral ionone raspberry/berry-like character with jammy floral nuances
 odor: orris floral berry violet woody powdery
 flavor: Woody, fruity, raspberry, orris and berry with seedy nuances
FL peach plum raspberry flavor
FL prunus spinosa extract
 odor: berry, plum, sweet, acidic and sour with a juicy nuance
 flavor: Berry, fruity, raspberry, blueberry and juicy with a tart and sour aftertaste
FL sloeberry flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - raspberry
FL boysenberry flavor
FL/FR dihydro-beta-ionone
 odor: earthy woody mahogany orris dry amber
 flavor: woody, seedy, berry raspberry, with leafy, spicy nuances
FL goji berry distillates
 flavor: goji berry
FL goji flavor
FL orris flavor
FL/FR orris rhizome absolute (iris germanica)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet green wet wood
 flavor: orris
FL/FR orris rhizome absolute (iris pallida)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet fresh wet wood (80-85% irone)
 flavor: sweet woody berry raspberry earthy sandy powdery fatty
FLcupuaçu raspberry flavor
FL/FR raspberry ketone
 odor: sweet berry jam raspberry ripe floral
 flavor: Fruity, jammy, berry, raspberry and blueberry with seedy, cotton candy nuances
FL/FR raspberry ketone acetate
 odor: berry jam raspberry blueberry
 flavor: sweet berry jammy fruity raspberry blackberry blueberry tropical
Quinary (Fifth) - raspberry
 odor: herbaceous, piney, spicey, strawberry-like, raspberry-like, and blue- berry-like aroma
 flavor: herbaceous, piney, spicey, strawberry-like, raspberry-like and blueberry-like flavor
FL/FR cycloionone
 odor: woody cedarwood raspberry orris root
 flavor: woody cedarwood fruity floral raspberry orris
 odor: sweet woody floral violet orris tropical fruity
 flavor: floral violet powdery berry raspberry tropical blackberry blueberry
FL loganberry flavor
 odor: peppermint camphor fresh herbal buchu
 flavor: Minty sulfuraceous, fruity blackcurrant and raspberry, with fresh green leafy nuances
Senary (Sixth) - raspberry
Septenary (Seventh) - raspberry
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
 odor: woody orris violet floral
 flavor: floral orris woody fruity berry violet raspberry
Octonary (Eighth) - raspberry
FL/FR styralyl acetate
 odor: green leafy gardenia rhubarb musty
 flavor: Fruity, berry, green, seedy and slightly nutty
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