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Flavor Descriptors for citrus peel
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Primary (First) - citrus peel
FL/FR citrus spp. peels extract
 odor: citrus citrus peel
 flavor: citrus citrus peel
Secondary (Second) - citrus peel
 odor: citrus aldehydic orange watery cardamom
 flavor: strong zesty citrus peel cardamom herbal fruity
 odor: citrus metallic mandarin orange waxy aldehydic
 flavor: fatty waxy citrus peel cilantro herbal
 odor: waxy citrus peel tangerine powdery soapy creamy cilantro
 flavor: waxy citrus peel cilantro herbal
 odor: fresh fruity orange peel
 flavor: waxy, citrus peel, slightly soapy
Tertiary (Third) - citrus peel
 odor: grapefruit orange fatty citrus
 flavor: fatty waxy citrus peel chicken skin
 odor: green citrus fruity mandarin orange herbal
 flavor: fatty waxy citrus peel cilantro herbal
 odor: green pungent fruity spicy
 flavor: sweet creamy fatty citrus peel
 odor: fatty green cucumber
 flavor: chicken fat citrus peel waxy melon cucumber
 odor: fatty nutty violet leaf
 flavor: chicken fat citrus peel waxy melon cucumber
 odor: fresh cucumber fatty green herbal banana waxy green leaf
 flavor: sweet green citrus peel fatty
FL/FR tridecanal
 odor: fresh clean aldehydic soapy citrus petal waxy grapefruit peel
 flavor: bitter insipid waxy citrus peel
Quaternary (Fourth) - citrus peel
FL/FR octanal dimethyl acetal
 odor: citrus floral green leafy rose violet
 flavor: green cilantro nasturtium citrus peel privet
Quinary (Fifth) - citrus peel
FL/FR valencene
 odor: sweet fresh citrus grapefruit woody orange asprin dry green oily
 flavor: orange citrus fruity juicy citrus peel peely woody
Senary (Sixth) - citrus peel
 odor: Fatty, green, oily, aldehydic with a vegetative nuance
 flavor: Fatty green, with an oily, greasy undertone
Septenary (Seventh) - citrus peel
FL/FR octyl acetate
 odor: green earthy mushroom herbal waxy
 flavor: waxy fatty cognac winey mushroom citrus citrus peel
Octonary (Eighth) - citrus peel
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