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Odor Descriptors for ylang
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Primary (First) - ylang
FR artabotrys odoratissimus flower oil
 odor: cananga ylang
FR cananga fruit oil
 odor: herbal floral balsam woody leather
FR cananga leaf oil
 odor: spicy floral balsamic woody leather
FR cananga odorata flower extract
 odor: floral ylang
FL/FR cananga oil
 odor: sweet floral balsam green spicy animal woody waxy leather
 flavor: cananga floral woody balsamic spicy oily herbal green
FL/FR cananga oil china
 odor: floral balsam woody leather
 flavor: cananga
FL/FR cananga oil terpeneless
 odor: cananga
 flavor: cananga
para-cresyl ethyl ether
 odor: ylang cananga
FRmeta-cresyl phenyl acetate
FL/FR ylang ylang flower absolute
 odor: intensely sweet floral diffusive spicy
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang flower concrete
 odor: rich sweet intensely floral
FL/FR ylang ylang flower essence
 odor: ylang
 flavor: ylang
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: flower petal neroli lily sweet slightly minty floral
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang flower oil fractions
 odor: floral flower petal neroli lily
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil I
 odor: flower petal jasmin neroli lily of the valley spicy balsamic earthy woody winey
 flavor: floral balsamic banana green lily herbal oily earthy
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil II
 odor: floral ylang
 flavor: ylang
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil III
 odor: floral ylang
 flavor: ylang
FL/FR ylang ylang flower water
 odor: ylang
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang fragrance
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil
 odor: floral flower petal neroli lily spicy
 flavor: ylang
FL/FRterpeneless ylang ylang flower oil
 odor: ylang
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang oil replacer
 odor: floral flower petal neroli lily spicy
FR ylang ylang specialty
 odor: sweet ylang floral orangeblossom natural
Secondary (Second) - ylang
 butyl para-cresol ether
 odor: powerful ylang floral
FL/FR ethyl ortho-anisate
 odor: floral ylang tuberose fruity raspberry
FL/FR geranyl benzoate
 odor: sweet amber ylang rose
FR linalool residues
 odor: sweet floral ylang lavender
FR linalyl acetate terpenes
 odor: fresh sweet ylang rose floral natural
FR methyl 2-methyl benzoate
 odor: floral ylang orangeflower grape
FL/FR neryl benzoate
 odor: sweet soft rose ylang balsamic floral
FR tuberose acetate
 odor: tuberose ylang sweet fruity dry weedy
Tertiary (Third) - ylang
FL/FR benzyl methyl ether
 odor: fruity ethereal ylang green floral hyacinth
 flavor: fruity ethereal green hyacinth cortex phenolic foliage
FR cananga fragrance
FL/FR diethyl succinate
 odor: mild fruity cooked apple ylang
 flavor: fruity tart tropical floral passion fruit
FL/FR ethyl 4-methyl salicylate
 odor: animal floral ylang
FR ginsene
 odor: very intense sweet fruity floral ylang
FL/FRpara-methyl anisole
 odor: naphthyl cresol ylang powdery nutty
 flavor: Naphthyl, phenolic, camphoraceous, cooling and woody
FL/FR methyl 4-methyl benzoate
 odor: sweet anisic floral ylang
 prenyl tiglate
 odor: fruity jasmin ylang
FR rhodinyl benzoate
 odor: deep sweet floral rose ylang
FR terpinyl benzoate
 odor: fir tree balsamic ylang niobe cypress woody floral
Quaternary (Fourth) - ylang
FR champaca absolute
 odor: dry tea orangeflower ylang carnation guaiacwood
FR champaca absolute replacer
 odor: dry tea orangeflower ylang carnation guaiacwood
FR champaca fragrance
FL/FRpara-cresyl caprylate
 odor: animal fecal hay ylang jasmin indole green
 flavor: animal fecal leathery herbal phenolic
FL/FR methyl ortho-anisate
 odor: herbal floral hyacinth cananga fruity blackcurrant
FR michelia champaca flower oil
 odor: dry tea orangeflower ylang carnation guaiacwood
FR michelia champaca flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: dry tea orangeflower ylang carnation guaiacwood
FL/FR prenyl benzoate
 odor: balsam fruity chocolate ylang tea
Quinary (Fifth) - ylang
FR wallflower absolute
 odor: sweet floral jasmin honey orangeflower ylang narcissus carnation
FR zibeline fragrance
Senary (Sixth) - ylang
FL/FR methyl benzoate
 odor: phenolic wintergreen almond floral cananga
 flavor: Phenolic and cherry pit with a camphoraceous nuance
FL/FR tuberose absolute chassis
 odor: heavy floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FR tuberose absolute replacer
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsamic orangeflower ylang
Septenary (Seventh) - ylang
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from concrete)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangeflower ylang
 flavor: floral green weedy peppery magnolia minty balsamic
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from pommade)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
Octonary (Eighth) - ylang
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