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Odor Descriptors for vetiver
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Primary (First) - vetiver
FR grapefruit pentanol
 odor: vetiver green citrus grapefruit rhubarb floral
 odor: vetiver woody
FL/FR vetiver essence
 odor: vetiver
 flavor: vetiver
FR vetiver fragrance
FL/FR vetiver oil bourbon
 odor: woody rooty balsam
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiver oil brazil
 odor: woody rooty balsam
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiver oil china
 odor: woody balsamic
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiver oil CO2 extract
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsam amber
 flavor: woody green earthy smoky
FR vetiver oil fractions
 odor: woody earthy rooty spicy fruity
FL/FR vetiver oil haiti
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsam amber
 flavor: Musky, woody, vegetative with woody pine and sandalwood notes and perfume rosy geranium nuances
FL/FR vetiver oil haiti MD
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsamic amber guaiacwood weedy powdery
 flavor: woody rooty balsamic sandalwood vegetable old wood earthy powdery
FL/FR vetiver oil india
 odor: woody rooty balsam
 flavor: vetiver
FR vetiver oil replacer
 odor: vetiver
FR vetiver oil terpenes
 odor: sweet rooty waxy balsam
FR vetiver resinoid
 odor: sweet woody rooty balsam
FR vetiver specialty
 odor: woody vetiver powdery
FR vetiveria zizanioides root extract
 odor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiveria zizanioides root oil
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsam amber
 flavor: vetiver
Secondary (Second) - vetiver
FR agarwood oil replacer
 odor: woody vetiver sweet balsamic animal earthy amber smoky
FR agarwood specialty
 odor: woody vetiver sweet balsamic animal earthy amber spicy smoky
FRisobutyl ionone
 odor: woody vetiver earthy rooty
FR guaiacwood extract acetate
 odor: woody vetiver balsamic tea rose
 flavor: aromatic burnt fruity meaty woody smoky astringent vanilla coumarinic
 odor: grapefruit vetiver
FL/FR methyl cedryl ketone
 odor: woody vetiver amber leather musk cedar
 flavor: woody old wood phenolic cedar powdery cistus dry
FR(R,S)-methyl cedryl ketone
 odor: woody vetiver
FRalpha-isomethyl ionol
 odor: woody vetiver acetate
FRisomethyl tetrahydroionyl acetate
 odor: woody vetiver acetate powdery
FR vetylbois
 odor: rich woody vetiver forest
Tertiary (Third) - vetiver
FR acetoxymethyl isolongifolene
 odor: woody amber vetiver acetate sandalwood clary sage
FR amber spirolene
 odor: dry woody vetiver amber powdery musk fruity
FR bergoxane
 odor: pyrazine green weedy woody vetiver
FR bornane-3,1-cyclopenta-2-one
 odor: new car woody clary vetiver
FL/FR cadinene
 odor: fresh woody longifolone
 flavor: woody terpenic herbal vetiver patchouli spicy chamomile phenolic
FR cedryl formate
 odor: amber wood vetiver acetate
FR formoxymethyl isolongifolene
 odor: woody amber cedar vetiver clary sage dry
FR grapefruit indene
 odor: fresh citrus grapefruit skin rhubarb vetiver floral gardenia
FR methyl methylene tricyclodecanol acetate
 odor: woody amber vetiver
FR4-methyl-4-phenyl pentanone
 odor: green sweet floral honey gardenia
FR patchouli cyclohexanol
 odor: fresh minty earthy vetiver
FR tetramethyl-4-methylene-2-heptanol
 odor: clean dry woody amber vetiver
FR vetiver pentanone
 odor: floral woody vetiver waxy
Quaternary (Fourth) - vetiver
FR cedar cyclododecatriene
 odor: warm woody cedar amber vetiver
FR dogwood fragrance
FR dogwood specialty
 odor: woody dry patchouli vetiver warm spicy fern
FR grapefruit nitrile
 odor: citrus gardenia grapefruit burnt autumn leaves vetiver
FR herbal norbornane
 odor: sweet fresh woody earthy patchouli vetiver herbal
FL/FR methyl ionyl acetate
 odor: Powdery, perfumey, woody with fruity and floral nuances. It has an interesting floral character on dry down
 flavor: Woody, powdery, floral with ionone and berry nuances. It has a lingering cherry-red licorice-candy aftertaste
FR methyl 2,6,10-trimethyl cyclododeca-2,5,9-trienyl ketone
 odor: woody ambergris musk vetiver tobacco
FL/FR vetiveryl acetate
 odor: woody powdery root vetiver sweet dry sandal
Quinary (Fifth) - vetiver
FR symroxane (Symrise)
 odor: woody tobacco old wood ambergris vetiver peppery spicy amber powdery
FR amyris acetate
 odor: woody cedar fatty amber vetiver acetate
FR brachyleana hutchinsii wood oil
 odor: balsam woody sweet floral vetiver sandalwood
FR6(or 8)-isobutyl quinoline
 odor: earthy rooty nutty oakmoss vetiver leathery green
FRpara-tert-butyl quinoline
 odor: castoreum leather earthy oakmoss vetiver
FR gardenia decalone
 odor: gardenia green grapefruit rhubarb vetiver woody
Senary (Sixth) - vetiver
FR acetoxymethyl isolongifolene
 odor: woody amber vetiver acetate sandalwood clary sage
FR amber decatriene
 odor: ambergris woody cedar dry tobacco musk
FR cedrenyl acetate
 odor: sharp dry woody cedar peanut waxy vetiver
FR cedrol methyl ether
 odor: woody dry cedar ambergris earthy vetiver
FR cypriol oil (cyperus scariosus)
 odor: woody earthy dry spicy patchouli vetiver
FR phenyl glycol diacetate
 odor: gardenia muguet hyacinth balsam honey vetiver
Septenary (Seventh) - vetiver
FR amber carbinol
 odor: woody amber dry fatty soapy raisin
Octonary (Eighth) - vetiver
FL/FR spikenard oil
 odor: sweet woody spicy animal valerian ginger cardamom
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