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Odor Descriptors for popcorn
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Primary (First) - popcorn
FL/FR2-acetyl-3,6-dimethyl pyrazine
 odor: popcorn roasted hazelnut caramellic
FL2-acetyl-5-methyl pyrazine
 odor: popcorn
2-acetyl oxazole
 odor: nutty popcorn
FL/FR2-acetyl pyrazine
 odor: popcorn nutty corn chip bread crust chocolate hazelnut coffee
 flavor: Roasted, nutty, bready and yeasty, with popcorn and corn chip nuances
FL/FR2-acetyl pyridine
 odor: popcorn heavy corn chip fatty tobacco
 flavor: Cornmeal with a nutty and bready nuance
 odor: popcorn toasted grain malty
 odor: popcorn-cracker
 flavor: popcorn-cracker
 odor: popcorn
 odor: sweet popcorn
 flavor: sweet popcorn
FL/FR2-methyl thio-3,5 or 6-methyl pyrazine
 odor: Toasted popcorn, roasted almond, hazelnut, peanut and cashew nutty, with a caramellic and corn-chip nuance
 flavor: Peanut and pecan nutty, popcorn and corn-chip-like with a burnt musty nuance
FR popcorn fragrance
FL2-propionyl pyrrole
 odor: roast popcorn
Secondary (Second) - popcorn
2-acetyl oxazole
 odor: nutty popcorn
FL/FR2-acetyl thiazole
 odor: nutty popcorn roasted peanuts hazelnut
 flavor: Corn chip with a slight musty background
FL ethyl dimethyl pyrazine
 odor: burnt popcorn roasted cocoa
Tertiary (Third) - popcorn
FL/FR popcorn pyrimidine
 odor: corn, taco, nutty, popcorn, roasted and toasted nuances
 flavor: Corn, taco, nutty, popcorn and corn chip with roasted nuances
Quaternary (Fourth) - popcorn
 odor: nutty cooked roasted popcorn
FL2-acetyl-6-methyl pyrazine
 odor: roasted coffee cocoa popcorn
FL2-propionyl thiazole
 odor: cereal bread nutty popcorn
 flavor: bready
FL/FR sesame absolute
 odor: sesame nutty roasted peanut coffee gourmand woody balsamic
 flavor: nutty sesame
Quinary (Fifth) - popcorn
FL/FR2-acetyl-3,5(or 6)-dimethyl pyrazine
 odor: roasted hazelnut caramel popcorn
 flavor: nutty
FL/FR2-acetyl-3-ethyl pyrazine
 odor: Earthy, nutty, musty, potato and corn-like
 flavor: Musty, nutty, cocoa and peanut, with a vegetative, potato and bean nuance
Senary (Sixth) - popcorn
FL/FR3-acetyl pyridine
 odor: sweet nutty dry hawthorn phenolic woody popcorn
 flavor: burnt roasted nutty
Septenary (Seventh) - popcorn
Octonary (Eighth) - popcorn
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