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Odor Descriptors for patchouli
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Primary (First) - patchouli
FR clearwood (Firmenich)
 odor: patchouli woody clean creamy amber
1,3,3,4,5,6,7-heptamethyl bicyclo(2.2.2)-5-octen-2-one
 odor: patchouli aroma
1,3,3,4,5,6,8-heptamethyl bicyclo(2.2.2)-5-octen-2-one
 odor: patchouli aroma nuances
(1R,4S,5S,9R)-1-hydroxy-1,4,7,7,9-pentamethyl spiro(4.5)decan-2-one
 odor: Strong, powerful, and characteristic of natural patchouli oil, with rich woody-ambery and tobacco-like facets
FR patchouli absolute
 odor: sweet herbal spicy woody fruity
FR patchouli alcohol
 odor: patchouli earthy camphor powdery
FL/FR patchouli essence
 odor: patchouli
 flavor: patchouli
FR patchouli extract acetylated
 odor: woody patchouli
FR patchouli fractions
 odor: patchouli
FR patchouli fragrance
FR patchouli leaf water
 odor: patchouli
FL/FR patchouli oil
 odor: woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
 flavor: woody earthy weedy balsamic spicy camphoreous
FL/FRterpeneless patchouli oil
 odor: woody earthy
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR patchouli oil china
 odor: woody earthy
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR patchouli oil CO2 extract
 odor: woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR patchouli oil decolorized
 odor: old wood woody balsamic weedy earthy
 flavor: woody earthy weedy balsamic spicy camphoreous
FL/FR patchouli oil molecular distilled
 odor: patchouli
 flavor: woody earthy weedy balsamic spicy camphoreous
FR patchouli oil replacer
 odor: woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
FR patchouli residues
 odor: patchouli
FR patchouli specialty
 odor: patchouli woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
FR patchouli woody amber fragrance
FR pogostemon cablin leaf extract
 odor: earthy woody
FR pogostemon cablin leaf oil
 odor: woody patchouli
FR3(or 2),4,5-trimethyl octahydro-4,7-methanoinden-5-ol
 odor: strong patchouli, strong woody, strong earthy, and camphoraceous notes
Secondary (Second) - patchouli
FR briar wood fragrance
 calarene epoxide
 odor: radiant woody patchouli ambergris
FR camphene carbinol
 odor: camphoreous patchouli woody
FR hexahydrotetramethyl methanonaphthalen-8-one
 odor: woody patchouli
(1R,4R)-1-hydroxy-1,4,7,7,9,9-hexamethyl spiro(4.5)decan-2-one
 odor: woody patchouli
FRisolongifolene ketone
 odor: dry woody patchouli cedar earthy tobacco incense
 octahydro-3(or 2),4-dimethyl-4,7-methanoinden-5-ol
 odor: weak woody, weak patchouli, and camphoraceous notes
FL/FR(±)-trans-patchouli hexanol
 odor: woody patchouli
 vinyl fenchol
 odor: earthy patchouli
Tertiary (Third) - patchouli
FRpara-tert-butyl cyclohexanone
 odor: woody mint patchouli musk leather
FR camphene carbinyl acetate
 odor: pine camphoreous patchouli lavender bergamot
FR dimethyl cyclormol (IFF)
 odor: camphor earthy patchouli woody herbal
FR dogwood fragrance
FR dogwood specialty
 odor: woody dry patchouli vetiver warm spicy fern
1,2,3,3,4,5,6-heptamethyl bicyclo(2.2.2)oct-5-en-2-ol
 odor: woody, camphoreous odor and is quite similar to patchouli alcohol
FR herbal norbornane
 odor: sweet fresh woody earthy patchouli vetiver herbal
FR manevoro oil
 odor: sweet woody herbal patchouli orris costus atlas cedar cistus
FL/FRdelta-methyl ionone
 odor: musk patchouli oakmoss
FR patchouli ethanol
 odor: dry sawdust woody patchouli camphor mint
FR patchouli hexanol
 odor: woody musty patchouli camphor mint leather
FR pinacol
 odor: woody earthy patchouli warm bread
 odor: woody balsamic patchouli
FR woody dodecane
 odor: woody cedar patchouli ambergris
Quaternary (Fourth) - patchouli
FR1-allyl-2,2,7,7-tetramethyl cycloheptanol
 odor: woody camphor patchouli earthy rooty
FR gurjun balsam
 odor: sweet woody balsamic copaiba amyris
 odor: woody earthy green patchouli cashmeran moldy cucumber aldehydic moss amber
FR mcp acetate
 odor: oily woody amber patchouli hot
FR2-methyl-1-(5',5',6'-trimethyl bicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2'-yl) propan-2-ol
 odor: woody, mossy, tree bark, and patchouli notes
Quinary (Fifth) - patchouli
FR cypriol oil (cyperus scariosus)
 odor: woody earthy dry spicy patchouli vetiver
FL/FR2-ethyl fenchol
 odor: earthy ground rooty damp musty camphor
 flavor: earthy minty fir needle rooty humus mushroom potato tea
FR gurjun balsam oil
 odor: balsamic spicy woody guaiacwood patchouli copaiba pine animal
 flavor: spicy woody powdery clove copaiba guaiacwood cascarilla cypress
FR patchouli cyclohexanol
 odor: fresh minty earthy vetiver
FR pine hexanol
 odor: pine camphor minty phenolic patchouli
FR woody epoxide
 odor: sweet dry woody powdery amber cedar patchouli sandalwood
FR woody ether
 odor: cedar woody dry musk amber patchouli tobacco
Senary (Sixth) - patchouli
FRalpha-cedrene epoxide
 odor: woody amber tobacco sandalwood fresh linalyl acetate patchouli
FR moss naphthaleneol
 odor: woody green mossy fir balsamic patchouli
Septenary (Seventh) - patchouli
FL/FR spikenard oil
 odor: sweet woody spicy animal valerian ginger cardamom
Octonary (Eighth) - patchouli
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