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Odor Descriptors for natural
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Primary (First) - natural
FL/FR cassyrane
 odor: blackcurrant, natural, rich, eucalyptus buds, anise, buchu leaves, slightly green
 flavor: currant black currant
FR chamomile isobutyrate
 odor: natural fruity floral herbal chamomile
FR2-heptyl tetrahydrofuran
 odor: natural green pea waxy rose floral
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl methyl carbonate
 odor: natural floral absolute violet green leaf waxy apple
 flavor: green tropical waxy floral leafy apple violet radish nasturtium
isopropyl vanillin
 odor: natural vanilla
Secondary (Second) - natural
FR ambrinol
 odor: powerful amber natural musk animal
 odor: amber natural musk animal
 flavor: amber woody earthy rooty herbal animal old wood humus tea
FL/FR(Z)-buchu mercaptan
 odor: natural passion fruit
FR clary sage resin america
 odor: clary sage natural green grass fresh
FR ethyl safranate
 odor: fresh natural herbal damascon rose apple woody
FR floral pyranol
 odor: fresh clean soft natural floral muguet linalool
FRwhite frangipani absolute
 odor: floral natural sweet orangeflower gardenia
FRwhite frangipani concrete
 odor: floral natural sweet orangeflower gardenia
FR freesia specialty
 odor: fresh floral freesia natural
FR herbal carbonate
 odor: fresh herbal natural oily jasmin waxy
FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl 2-methyl-2-pentenoate
 odor: fresh green natural metallic tropical waxy
 flavor: fresh green fruity tropical spicy oily waxy mango mahogany
FL/FR hexyl tiglate
 odor: fresh green natural oily herbal fruity
 flavor: green nasturtium oily creamy herbal plastic
Tertiary (Third) - natural
FL/FR ethyl 3-methyl valerate
 odor: pineapple fruity
FR green cyclopropionate
 odor: fresh flower shop green natural green tropical fruit
FRcis-herbal cyclohexane
 odor: fresh green herbal natural citrus woody
 flavor: green herbal woody spicy floral chrysanthemum
FR(Z)-musk pentane
 odor: musk animal natural fruity powdery
Quaternary (Fourth) - natural
FR clary propionate
 odor: floral clary sage bois de rose bergamot natural
FR gardenia amide
 odor: fresh woody citrus oily natural cedar grapefruit
 odor: natural green fruity apple
FR jasmin cyclopentanol
 odor: floral green fruity natural waxy jasmin tropical banana
FL/FR mimosa absolute morocco
 odor: natural green grassy sweet hay
 flavor: floral green waxy fresh herbal woody hay
FR muscogene
 odor: earthy animal natural musk
FL/FR phenethyl tiglate
 odor: green sweet rose natural oily leaf herbal
 flavor: sweet green leafy cortex rose geranium
FR tagette carboxylate
 odor: tagette chrysanthemum thujone natural sweet herbal
Quinary (Fifth) - natural
FR buchu oxime
 odor: fresh fruity natural buchu leaf oil clean
FR citronellyl (R)-lactate
 odor: floral lily of the valley warm rich natural
FR ethyl linalyl acetal
 odor: sweet fresh floral tropical herbal muguet natural
FR exaltone (Firmenich)
 odor: powdery musk animal natural greasy
FL/FR linalyl octanoate
 odor: dry fruity herbal sweet green natural
 flavor: sweet berry tropical green herbal
 odor: sweet musk animal powdery fatty natural
 flavor: sweet, musk like, perfume, soapy with woody and bitter nuances
FR3-propyl bicyclo(3.2.1)-6-octen-2-one
 odor: strong green, herbaceous, fresh, clean, natural, floral, and woody notes
Senary (Sixth) - natural
Septenary (Seventh) - natural
FR pear valerate
 odor: fruity clean sweet pear oily jasmin natural
FR pinoacetaldehyde
 odor: fresh clean watery balsam pine nutty natural aldehydic
Octonary (Eighth) - natural
FR gardenia acetal
 odor: fresh citrus gardenia green natural
FL/FR green hexanal
 odor: aldehydic dry grassy weedy green citrus fatty natural
 flavor: green weedy grassy herbal aldehydic citrus fatty
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