Typical G.C. analysis

cinnamomum zeylanicum twig oil india
In 1989, Variyar and Bandyopadhayay used retention time data of authentic compounds on a packed GC column to determine the composition of bark and twig oils of Cinnamomum zeylanicum of Kerala (India) origin. The compounds characterized in these oils can be seen in Table VIII. Only the twig oil will be shown here:
50.73beta- caryophyllene
30.641,8- cineole
876.07(E)- cinnamaldehyde
100.43(E)- cinnamyl acetate
99.55(E)- cinnamyl alcohol
110.32  coumarin
124.03  eugenol
70.19alpha- humulene
20.14  limonene
43.05  linalool
10.21alpha- pinene
60.50  terpinen-4-ol

P. S. Variyar and Bandyopadhayay, On some chemical aspects of Cinnamomum zeylanicum. PAFAI, (Oct/Dec), 35-38 (1989).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

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