Typical G.C. analysis

narcissus absolute
99.58  benzyl acetate
114.79  benzyl alcohol
164.00  benzyl benzoate
26.57delta-3- carene
41.461,8- cineole
152.87(E)- cinnamyl alcohol
61.27para- cymene
130.53(E)- ethyl cinnamate
32.15  limonene
70.62  linalool
140.19  methyl anthranilate
1215.84(E)- methyl cinnamate
100.51  nerol
12.39alpha- pinene
527.21gamma- terpinene
80.33alpha- terpineol

S. Bruno, N. de Laurentis, A. Amico and L. Stefanizzi, Chemical investigation and cytologic localization of essential oils in the flowers of Narcissus tazetta. Int. J. Pharmacog., 32, 357-361 (1994).

P&F 22, No. 2, 59, (1997)

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