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Flavor Descriptors for coffee roasted coffee
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Primary (First) - coffee roasted coffee
FL/FR cichorium intybus root solid extract
 odor: sweet roasted coffee
 flavor: chicory
FL/FR coffea arabica seed extract
 odor: coffee mocha
 flavor: coffee
FL/FRroasted coffea arabica seed extract
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FL/FR coffee absolute
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FDroasted arabica coffee bean
 flavor: roasted coffee
FDroasted bengal coffee bean
 flavor: roasted coffee
FDroasted coffea coffee bean
 flavor: roasted coffee
FDroasted congo coffee bean
 flavor: roasted coffee
FDroasted liberian coffee bean
 flavor: roasted coffee
FDroasted robusta coffee bean
 flavor: roasted coffee
FL/FRarabica coffee bean butter
 odor: sharp roasted coffee
 flavor: roasted coffee
FLroasted coffee bean concentrate
 flavor: coffee
FL/FRroasted arabica coffee bean essence
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FLroasted robusta coffee bean essence
 flavor: coffee
FLroasted coffee bean essence
 flavor: coffee
FLdried roasted coffee bean extract
 flavor: coffee
FLroasted robusta coffee bean extract
 flavor: coffee
FL/FRroasted coffee bean extract
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FL/FRroasted arabica coffee bean infusion
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FL/FRroasted arabica coffee bean oil
 odor: dark roast brewed coffee
 flavor: Beany roasted coffee with an astringent brown bitter afternote
FL/FRroasted arabica coffee bean oil CO2 extract
 odor: coffee burnt beany
 flavor: roasted espresso coffee burnt
FL/FR coffee bean oil extract
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FL/FR coffee difuran
 odor: Sulfurous, coffee, furfuryl mercaptan, roasted, meaty, onion and cabbage, potato
 flavor: Sulfurous, coffee, roasted meaty, onion
FL coffee distillates
 flavor: coffee
FLespresso coffee distillates
 flavor: coffee
FL coffee enhancers
 flavor: roasted coffee strong beany
FLespresso coffee essence
 flavor: coffee
FLespresso coffee extract
 flavor: coffee
FL coffee flavor
FLdark roast coffee flavor
FLespresso coffee flavor
FL coffee liqueur flavor
FL/FR coffee resinoid
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FL/FR furfuryl mercaptan
 odor: Roasted coffee, sulfurous, with a burnt match note. It is savory meaty with chicken and fried onion nuances.
 flavor: Sulfurous roasted coffee, burnt match-like, rubbery, and slightly nutty with eggy and savory meaty nuances.
FL/FR methyl furfuryl disulfide
 odor: Roasted coffee, sulfurous cooked meat and liver, onion and garlic nuances. Slight eggy undertones
 flavor: Roasted coffee, toasted onion and garlic, with roasted beef and fried pork nuances
FL/FRO-methyl S-1-methoxyhexan-3-yl carbonothioate
 odor: sulfurous mushroom onion green fatty fruity mango passion fruit blackcurrant
 flavor: fresh dark roasted
(2-methylpyrazinyl-3, -5 and-6) furfuryl sulfide
 flavor: roasted coffee-like
FL2-methyl quinoxaline
 odor: toasted coffee nutty fruity
 flavor: phenolic burnt coffee nutty
FL2-thiophene thiol
 odor: burnt caramel roasted coffee
 flavor: coffee
Secondary (Second) - coffee roasted coffee
Tertiary (Third) - coffee roasted coffee
FL methyl phenyl sulfide
 odor: Toluene solvent, spicy, pungent, woody sawdust
 flavor: Solventy, woody, roasted coffee
2-pentenyl furan
 flavor: phenolic coffee grounds
Quaternary (Fourth) - coffee roasted coffee
FLO-ethyl S-1-methoxyhexan-3-yl carbonothioate
 odor: sulfurous mushroom herbal chocolate black currant bud
 flavor: sulfury blackcurrant tropical roasted coffee
Quinary (Fifth) - coffee roasted coffee
FL/FR2,3-dimethyl pyrazine
 odor: nutty nut skin cocoa peanut butter coffee walnut caramellic roasted
 flavor: nutty nut skin peanut cocoa roasted coffee walnut corn chip bready
FL/FR toffee furanone
 odor: sweet cotton candy sugar caramel bready
 flavor: sweet caramellic cotton candy maple burnt sugar roasted coffee
Senary (Sixth) - coffee roasted coffee
Septenary (Seventh) - coffee roasted coffee
Octonary (Eighth) - coffee roasted coffee
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