Fragrance Demo Formulas

Jonquil 10
Application: floral fragrances
Cosmetic, Fragrances and Flavors, Louis Appel, 1982, Novox, Inc. pg. 304
For Fragrance Use
20.00phenyl acetaldehyde 50%
100.00benzyl acetate
100.00benzyl alcohol
10.003-phenyl propionaldehyde 10%
20.00ylang ylang oil
50.00phenethyl alcohol
20.003-phenyl propyl alcohol
40.00dimethyl anthranilate
20.00indole 10%
20.00methyl cinnamate
10.00orangeflower absolute
10.00jonquil absolute
50.00styrax resinoid
40.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (50% min.)
100.00cinnamic alcohol
20.00alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde
100.00muguet 10 B
100.00benzyl salicylate
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