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Odor Descriptors for storax
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Primary (First) - storax
FL/FR liquidambar orientalis balsam extract
 odor: balsamic
 flavor: storax
FL/FR liquidambar styraciflua balsam extract
 odor: balsamic
 flavor: storax
FD styrax (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: storax
 flavor: storax
FD styrax (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: storax
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax absolute (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: storax balsamic
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax absolute (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: balsamic storax
 flavor: storax
FD styrax gum (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic storax
 flavor: storax balsamic
FL styrax gum (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam amber woody storax
 flavor: Balsamic, honey, sweet, waxy with a spicy resinous nuance
FL/FR styrax oil (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic styrene
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax oil (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody
 flavor: storax
FR styrax oil replacer
 odor: storax
FL/FR styrax resin (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic styrene
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax resin (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody amber
 flavor: storax
FR styrax resinoid (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic styrene
FL/FR styrax resinoid (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody amber
 flavor: storax
FR styrax resinoid replacer
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody amber
FR styrax speciality
 odor: sweet balsam styrax woody
Secondary (Second) - storax
FL/FR cinnamic acid
 odor: balsam sweet storax
FL/FR(E)-cinnamic acid
 odor: balsam sweet storax
FR cinnamyl alcohol replacer
 odor: sweet balsam styrax cinnamyl alcohol
Tertiary (Third) - storax
FL/FRsumatra benzoin gum
 odor: balsam sweet vanilla styrene
 flavor: benzoin
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl acetate
 odor: sweet balsam storax spicy cinnamon
 flavor: Balsamic, floral, fruity, sappy, spicy and cinnamic with powdery nuances
Quaternary (Fourth) - storax
FR chamaecyparis nootkatensis wood oil
 odor: fresh woody oily orris styrax balsam
FR clover nitrile
 odor: orchid clover narcissus balsam styrax
FRalpha-methyl cinnamyl alcohol
 odor: sweet balsam floral oriental styrax
Quinary (Fifth) - storax
FR2-phenoxyethyl formate
 odor: balsamic powdery cinnamyl sweet storax cinnamon
Senary (Sixth) - storax
FL/FR phenethyl propionate
 odor: floral red rose fruity honey balsam storax
 flavor: floral balsamic green honey sweet rose tropical
Septenary (Seventh) - storax
FL/FR3-phenyl propionaldehyde
 odor: fresh cortex green leaf foliage balsam storax
 flavor: Green, melon, fruity and citrus
Octonary (Eighth) - storax
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