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Flavor Descriptors for currant bud black currant bud
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Primary (First) - currant bud black currant bud
FL/FR agathosma crenulata oil
 odor: minty black currant
 flavor: black currant
FL buchu oil fractions
 odor: sulfury catty tropical
 flavor: buchu
FL/FR cassis bud oil
 odor: terpene nutmeg neroli basil marjoram
 flavor: black currant bud
FR cassis buteneone
 odor: fruity sweet rose natural petal cassis black currant
 flavor: woody astringent berry spice
FL cassis distillates
 flavor: black currant
FL/FR cassis pentanone
 odor: SuIfureous, green, metallic, musty and rooty with fermented, fruity and tropical nuances
 flavor: Green, sulfureous, metallic, horseradish, cabbage, vegetative and herbal nuances
FL/FRblack currant bud absolute
 odor: powerful spicy woody blackcurrant green incense
 flavor: black currant bud
FL/FRblack currant bud absolute replacer
 odor: green black currant fruity
 flavor: black currant bud
FL/FRblack currant bud concrete
 odor: sweet floral catty fruity
 flavor: black currant bud
FLblack currant bud flavor
FL/FRblack currant bud water
 odor: black currant bud
 flavor: black currant bud
FL/FR ribes nigrum bud extract
 odor: black currant bud
 flavor: black currant bud
Secondary (Second) - currant bud black currant bud
FLO-ethyl S-1-methoxyhexan-3-yl carbonothioate
 odor: sulfurous mushroom herbal chocolate black currant bud
 flavor: sulfury blackcurrant tropical roasted coffee
Tertiary (Third) - currant bud black currant bud
FL/FR3-mercaptohexyl acetate
 odor: floral fruity pear tropical passion fruit blackberry raspberry black currant bud
 flavor: tropical passion fruit black currant bud roasted meaty
Quaternary (Fourth) - currant bud black currant bud
Quinary (Fifth) - currant bud black currant bud
Senary (Sixth) - currant bud black currant bud
FL/FR buchu mercaptan
 odor: sulfury minty green fruity berry buchu fruity tropical peach
 flavor: Sulfurous, alliaceous, green and tropical with rich body, blackcurrant nuances
Septenary (Seventh) - currant bud black currant bud
Octonary (Eighth) - currant bud black currant bud
FL/FR barosma betulina leaf oil
 odor: sulfury green minty black currant tropical fruity berry
 flavor: Green minty, buchu-like with sulfureous mango, tropical and berry notes
FL/FR tropical trithiane
 odor: Sulfurous, burnt meaty, green, fruity, blackcurrant, black berry, cooling, catty and tropical with a grapefruit nuance
 flavor: Fruity, sulfureous, tangy berry, with cooling catty minty blackcurrant and tropical nuances
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