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Odor Descriptors for sandalwood
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Primary (First) - sandalwood
FR amyris acetate
 odor: woody cedar fatty amber vetiver acetate
FL/FR amyris bark oil
 odor: woody sweet creamy sandalwood blackcurrant smoky
FR amyris specialty
 odor: musk floral woody
FL/FR amyris wood oil
 odor: sweet balsam peppery guaiacwood cubeb
 flavor: burning woody balsamic spicy
FR2-decalinyl formate
 odor: sandalwood woody dry oily floral
FR indisan (IFF)
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody
FR melozol acetate
 odor: sandalwood woody fruity floral amber
FR sandal butenol
 odor: sandalwood creamy woody waxy musk
FR sandal cyclohexanol
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody balsamic
FR sandal cyclopentane
 odor: herbal sandalwood waxy nutty woody
FR(R)-sandal hexanol
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody balsamic
FR sandal octanol
 odor: sweet sandalwood soapy floral woody
FR sandal pentanol
 odor: sweet sandalwood amyris woody
FL/FR sandal pentenol
 odor: sandalwood woody musk
FR sandalrome
 odor: woody sandalwood greasy oily waxy
FL/FR sandalwood essence
 odor: sandalwood
 flavor: sandalwood
FR sandalwood fragrance
FL/FR sandalwood oil
 odor: sweet woody balsamic cashew terpene herbal spicy
 flavor: Woody, sandalwood, balsamic and floral with a terpy nuance
FL/FR sandalwood oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet woody balsamic cashew terpene herbal spicy
 flavor: sandalwood
FR sandalwood oil replacer
 odor: sandalwood
FL/FR sandalwood oil west australia
 odor: sweet creamy balsamic woody
FR sandalwood oil west australia (santalum spicata)
 odor: dry soft woody balsam sweet myrrh
FL/FR sandalwood resinoid
 odor: woody sandalwood
 flavor: sandalwood
FR sandalwood specialty
 odor: sandalwood
FR sandel
 odor: sweet oily sandalwood woody
FR sandela
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody cashew
FR santal penten-2-ol
 odor: oily woody spicy powdery sandal
FR santall
 odor: woody clean sandalwood balsam
FL/FR santalol
 odor: deep sweet sandalwood woody
FR santalum album extract
 odor: woody sandalwood
FR santalum album wood extract
 odor: sandalwood
FL/FR santalyl acetate
 odor: woody floral cashew nutty powdery orris
 flavor: Woody, ionone and berry like
FR santol pentenol
 odor: woody sandalwood herbal tropical
 odor: natural sandalwood
Secondary (Second) - sandalwood
FR sandal glycol acetal
 odor: woody sandalwood camphor methyl acetophenone sweet
FRvanilla sandalwood fragrance
FR sandalwood oil acetylated
 odor: woody sandalwood
 odor: woody sandalwood
FL/FR(+)-alpha-santalyl acetate
 odor: woody sandalwood powdery
FR soapy sandalwood moss fragrance
FR vetiveryl formate
 odor: sandalwood fresh woody
Tertiary (Third) - sandalwood
FR agarwood oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet woody balsam sandalwood
FL/FR cedarwood oil terpenes
 odor: woody cedar floral
 flavor: Woody, cedar, dry, sandalwood-like with floral nuances
FR sandal hexanol
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody
FL/FR santalyl phenyl acetate
 odor: honey floral sandal
Quaternary (Fourth) - sandalwood
FR acetoxymethyl isolongifolene
 odor: woody amber vetiver acetate sandalwood clary sage
FR cedarwood oil white
 odor: woody cedar aromatic sandalwood floral perfume
 flavor: woody cedar dry sandalwood floral
FRalpha-cedrene epoxide
 odor: woody amber tobacco sandalwood fresh linalyl acetate patchouli
FRalpha-ethyl-2,2,6-trimethyl cyclohexane propanol
 odor: woody cedarwood ambergris sandalwood
FR geranium nitrile
 odor: rich rose geranium woody sandalwood
FR methyl sandal
 odor: woody autumn sweet sandalwood sawdust
FR muscomer
 odor: sweet amber musk floral sandalwood
FL/FR sandal cyclopropane
 odor: tropical woody fatty sandalwood herbal cologne floral
 flavor: amber musk woody clean herbal floral clary sage sandalwood
FR sandal pentenone
 odor: woody methyl ionone 4-t-butyl cyclohexyl acetate sandalwood
FR vetiver oil acetylated
 odor: sweet woody root earthy sandal
FL/FR vetiverol
 odor: sweet balsam woody root sandalwood
 flavor: sweet woody balsamic floral powdery guaiacwood sawdust sage clary sage earthy
Quinary (Fifth) - sandalwood
FR timber propanol
 odor: dry sawdust woody powdery amber sandalwood
Senary (Sixth) - sandalwood
FR brachyleana hutchinsii wood oil
 odor: balsam woody sweet floral vetiver sandalwood
FR woody epoxide
 odor: sweet dry woody powdery amber cedar patchouli sandalwood
Septenary (Seventh) - sandalwood
FL/FR vetiveryl acetate
 odor: woody powdery root vetiver sweet dry sandal
Octonary (Eighth) - sandalwood
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