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Odor Descriptors for oakmoss
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Primary (First) - oakmoss
FL/FR oakmoss absolute
 odor: green woody earthy musty mossy oily wood
 flavor: Green, herbal, woody, earthy and tobacco with a slight fishy nuance
FL/FR oakmoss absolute color reduced
 odor: mossy oakmoss
 flavor: oakmoss
FR oakmoss absolute replacer
 odor: oakmoss
FR oakmoss concrete
 odor: phenolic woody tar seashore forest bark wood green foliage
FL/FR oakmoss distillates
 odor: oakmoss
 flavor: oakmoss
FL/FR oakmoss essence
 odor: oakmoss
 flavor: oakmoss
FR oakmoss oil
 odor: oakmoss dry woody earthy bark leather tar
FR oakmoss phenol
 odor: oakmoss fruity iodine woody hay
FR oakmoss resin
 odor: sweet green quinoline grassy oily
FR treemoss absolute
 odor: woody dry forest seaweed herbal green
FR treemoss absolute replacer
 odor: treemoss mossy
FR treemoss concrete
 odor: woody tar
FR treemoss extract
 odor: woody tar
FR treemoss resinoid
 odor: woody resinous
Secondary (Second) - oakmoss
FL/FR3-ethyl pyridine
 odor: tobacco oakmoss leather
 flavor: caramellic roasted hazelnut
FR veramoss (IFF)
 odor: mossy oakmoss woody phenolic earthy
 flavor: mossy dry earthy woody phenolic oakmoss spicy powdery
Tertiary (Third) - oakmoss
CS4-tert-butyl phenol
 odor: oakmoss leather
 evernia prunastri lichen
 odor: sweet green quinoline grassy oily
FL/FR levisticum officinale root oil
 odor: angelica celery oakmoss opoponax chamomile
 flavor: lovage
Quaternary (Fourth) - oakmoss
FR6(or 8)-isobutyl quinoline
 odor: earthy rooty nutty oakmoss vetiver
FRpara-tert-butyl quinoline
 odor: castoreum leather earthy oakmoss vetiver
FL/FRdelta-methyl ionone
 odor: musk patchouli oakmoss
Quinary (Fifth) - oakmoss
FR2-isobutyl quinoline
 odor: animal leather woody rooty oakmoss tobacco
Senary (Sixth) - oakmoss
FL/FRgreen algae absolute
 odor: fresh marine green sandy oily painty oakmoss
FRisobutyl quinoline
 odor: castoreum leather earthy oakmoss vetiver
FR moss fragrance
FR moss specialty
 odor: moss
FR seaweed absolute replacer
 odor: fresh marine green sandy oily painty oakmoss
Septenary (Seventh) - oakmoss
FR cassis specialty
 odor: cassis
Octonary (Eighth) - oakmoss
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