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Odor Descriptors for fruit dried fruit
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Primary (First) - fruit dried fruit
 odor: dried fruit
Secondary (Second) - fruit dried fruit
CS medicago sativa leaf extract
 odor: sweet hay dried fruity
FL/FR3-octyl tiglate
 odor: spicy dried fruit peppery
Tertiary (Third) - fruit dried fruit
 odor: fruity, intensively reminiscent of apples, but also strongly reminiscent of dried fruits, having a somewhat celery- and jasmone-like side, and agrestic aspects
Quaternary (Fourth) - fruit dried fruit
FR clary propyl acetate
 odor: herbal clary sage saffron tea fruity floral
 odor: fruity-rosy reminiscent of raspberries and dried fruits
FL/FR(S)-styralyl acetate
 odor: fresh strawberry green dried fruit jam
Quinary (Fifth) - fruit dried fruit
FL/FR ambrette seed oil
 odor: fresh musk amber powdery weedy
FL/FR immortelle flower oil
 odor: sweet warm herbal woody floral coumarin fruit dried fruit
 flavor: immortelle
FL medicago sativa extract
 odor: sweet hay dried fruity
FR pomarose
 odor: fruity rose dried apple plum raisin dried fruit
Senary (Sixth) - fruit dried fruit
 odor: fruity rose dried apples plums raisins dried fruit rum caramel
FL/FR tobacco leaf absolute
 odor: sweet hay tobacco moss woody
 flavor: Bitter, astringent, tobacco and hay-like, with a brown dried fruit aftertaste
Septenary (Seventh) - fruit dried fruit
FL/FR fenugreek absolute
 odor: sweet maple celery spicy coumarin balsam
 flavor: Strong maples, celery, caramellic, coffee-like with lingering nutty and fatty nuances
Octonary (Eighth) - fruit dried fruit
FL/FR geranyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral tropical honey rose fruity sweet balsam
 flavor: Floral, rosy, honey and green with fatty, fruity nuances
FL/FR prenyl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity blueberry raspberry pomegranate pineapple chrysanthemum honey dried fruit
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