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Typical G.C. analysis
foeniculum vulgare mill. var. dulce d.c. absolute
 4.70(E)- anethole
 0.80  camphor
 tracepara- cymene
 16.90  fenchone
 trace  hexadecanoic acid
 0.07  limonene
 0.70  linalool
 0.401-(4- methoxyphenyl)-1-propanone
 65.30  methyl chavicol
 0.10  methyl hexadecanoate
 trace  methyl octadecanoate
 1.10  methyl petroselinate
 0.20  myrcene
 5.80  petroselinic acid
 tracealpha- phellandrene
 0.50(Z)- sabinene hydrate
 0.20  squalene
 0.20gamma- terpinene
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